Monday, 11 May 2020


Dear President Xi Jinping

Despite many, many repeated requests, unfortunately the royal slaves in America will not assist the royal slaves in UK to free themselves from the terrorists that control our country.

I have requested military assistance off America by way of the air drop of arms and/or troops to assist the law-abiding British people to free themselves from the tyranny will live under, the freemasonic ROYAL control, this country has been COVERTLY run by for many centuries.

Please no longer consider in any way the UK to be a free country run as a constitutional monarchy.  It is not, it is a synarchy, run by criminals, serious criminals, who of course, are now mass murdering Chinese people.

Please send arms, and troops to the UK, to free this country from the terrorists that run it (who have been murdering me for many years), and whom, are now mass murdering Chinese people.

Please atom bomb the following two places of covert CRIMINAL control over this country;

  1. SCOTLAND YARD (police HQ for the most corrupt 'police' force in Western Europe) and also 
  2. the high command of our Military (which just cannot stop itself from being run around by this criminal conspiracy ... even though it has ALL the guns and bullets) 
And free us, or help us free ourselves.

We have no problem at all over here slaughtering the criminals who mass murder all the humans on this planet, but we need the GUNS AND BULLETS, and the people bound to provide those GUNS and BULLETS, will not provide them, so I beseech and beg the Chinese people, to provide them, instead.

So, please, use every available means, to get those arms and munitions to us, so that we can slaughter the criminals mass murdering the UK, and China.

The Americans, are quite happy to continue their existence as Wall Street torture slaughter slaves ... And the American military is quite happy to continue mass murdering Americans covertly too.

So, we ask China and the wonderful Chinese for assistance, military assistance as our 'defensive alliance' NATO is the military organisation mass murdering us.  We want to slaughter all the criminals in this country, in uniform, those who enslave us with their brainwashed ideas of what it is to be a free country.

We're as sick of being run by these criminals as no doubt you are as sick of burying your many thousands of murder victims.

If you will not drop arms and munitions, nor invade the UK to free us.  Please atom bomb the City of London.

As for the Americans, they are even more enslaved than the UK these days, hard though that will obviously be for Chinese people to understand or accept.

Feel free to wipe the entire USA with atom bombs, liberate the slaves over their by giving them what they want obviously, death.


Jason Neil Featherstone

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