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And so, even though this blog is mostly archived and now covering crypto-currencies (in said of all subject under the sun) occasionally one of our readers from our time as a private web (thus someone with deep knowledge of the site's 10,000+ pages many covering the relationship between terrorism, numerology and cryptography (specificaly crackiing 911 codes?)) gets in touch .... we thought we'd pass it on!

Insights into energies and numerology (mathematics) ....

Dare you read on?

"The hidden significance of the 33 degrees in the Masons and the 322 332 significance as well. Hidden knowledge reserved for high degrees but very relevant to energy around us. I showed you the squared energy matrix grid in the pics I sent you. Inside the grids is another three energies that sustains what's inside for travel plus our own energy and life. There's Christ energy and antichrist energy. The X (l) code that rotates clockwise Christ energy and anticlockwise anti Christ energy. When they collide they produce the female positive energy of eve which is the curly wave energy that infuses the elements in to the electromagnetic grid entirely.

The 332 is the eve energy twice being rotated in the two X energies. As the energy Naturally changes due to eve energy infusion depending on the status of the elements ie cold or hot weather windy raining etc

This is also how they control haarp grid by the way..
It's the eve energy they tap into to misuse which gives them control over the system. And the secret knowledge of the energy thanks to tesla
Telling them
This is why they use these codes
But they are based on facts of the energy.
Inside the grid the two X energies colliding are not horizontal and vertical but move in a straight grid within at 33 degrees East and 33 degrees West
Eve energy is polarised North and south which gives you the symbol of the energy interacting which I will draw and share both cold and hot. As they differ just as the numerology does"

Time to ...

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

And that's .... 


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