Tuesday, 22 August 2017


As we focus, more and more on the SOLUTION (crypto-currencies) to the PROBLEM of covert control over humanity (the BANKSTERS power to create MONEY FROM NOTHING - a black magic trick :)), it begets from time to time, to keep up, with the machinations of the Operation Cleansweep (\OpCLEANSWEEP) trail we have left behind.  The trail, now being followed by so many good men and women worldwide (e.g. Pedogate, as it's come to be known inside the United States of America).

Did you know, this site, started the GLOBAL PAEDOPHILE CULT take-down? (proof here)  we even got TORTURED for six whole days and nights, 24 hours a day, AND an assassination strike (which did hit me) back in 2014; they tried MURDER their way out of getting ARRESTED for their HIGH CRIMES.

Today, we bring you a very, very brave man; a WHISTLE-BLOWER from inside the UK police.  A top cop, tells all, all about the MASONIC PAEDOPHILE CULT operating INSIDE the UK POLICE!


"Excellent interview. Much respect to an extremely brave cop. What all of this boils down to is a totally rotten, corrupt system built on privilege, patronage, etc. Fraudulently posing as 'democracy'. With no hope of justice and equality until the majority realise they're being conned big-time. And the only hope for that is the power of social media to counteract the 24/7 media-brainwashing by BBC, etc. An excellent start would be the majority demand for an end to the compulsory tv licence. In order to maintain the BBC's political role, the government would have to fund it. This would remove the absurd BBC claim to be 'unbiased and impartial'. Churchill said, "Suggesting the BBC should be impartial is ludicrous!" He was speaking during wartime. But the Establishment is permanently at war with any moves towards a fair and just society. Thanks for sharing!"

And so, there we have it ... Have we also mentioned, when we worked this out, many years ago now, we also set up another Operation (the police run operations, why not the PUBLIC); Operation MASON.

Hash tag for social media = #OpMASON

Stick around, learn more: we called the GLOBAL SATANIC CULT TAKE-DOWN Operation CLEANSWEEP (hash = #OpCLEANSWEEP)

Time to ...

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

And that's .... 


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