Monday, 14 August 2017


Rough two weeks, bringing back onto the public web.  But worth it: Page-views yesterday:

 2,450 x 30 = estimated 73,500 page views per month!

Banking Activism - Banking Reform

And I don't even have a whole month of figures, to work out the estimate from yet!!  Nor do I know my visitor figures, as opposed to page views (often, very different beasts), that said:

Estimated 73,500 page views per month / 10 = USD $735 estimated advertising revenue stream per month per advert (x 1; top spot). Annualised =

8,820 USD = 2.34428 BITCOIN!

Another extra < 2 $BTC per year to invest I won't say no :) lol  Get going!  Details below!


"Once you break milestone traffic numbers like 100,000, 250,000 and a million pageviews a month marks (not unique visitors) you qualify for the “big leagues”. " source: Tweet above).

75% of the job done Within the first 19 days back online :)

"... you can start landing some big contracts from brand buyers – companies that want brand awareness more so than just raw clicks"

And those figures, for only ONE paid ad on the site x 3 or 7 = good for ME :)

Let's work out what publishing online could be making YOU, a few years, from now, if you also set out and wrote yourself a great little high traffic website (assuming you don't already own one).

Let's say 5 ads, each worth 10% less than the first (best placed) advert - not all advertising revenue is equal (advertisers pay for the best PLACEMENTS premium prices, and discounted prices apply to less well placed adverts).  All that said, for rough calculation purposes, taking 10% off each less well placed advert, the figures work out something roughly along these lines, for

ad 1 = 100% = 8,820 USD = 2.34428 $XBT

ad 2 = 2.109852 $XBT
ad 3 = 1.875424 $XBT
ad 4 = 1.640996 $XBT
ad 5 = 1.406568 $XBT

And let's say it takes me a year to sort out the site, and get regular advertisers for each slot so they are all filled each month =

ad 1 = 2.344280 $XBT / year
ad 2 = 2.109852 $XBT / year
ad 3 = 1.875424 $XBT / year
ad 4 = 1.640996 $XBT / year
ad 5 = 1.406568 $XBT / year = 9.37712 $BTC per annum estimated advertising income

9.37712 $XBT = 35,122.23 $USD p/a Bitcoin income Stream

 Say, a year from now (by which time, the pageviews, may have > x3)

USD 100,000 pa extra FREE BITCOINS I won't say no :) lol

 {or by x 10, etc) ... :) :) }

An extra USD 100,000 (x 3 visitors per month, from now = estimate of where this site might be in terms of traffic by the end of the first twelve months, back online) to invest in crypto-currencies, digital assets, and of course, digital asset crypto-funds and crypto-currencies hedge funds, etc, etc!

UPDATE 1:  14th August 2017

I wrote the above a few days ago, almost as a memo to myself and held it in drafts ... And then I rather rudely used my @InvestAltcons Twitter account to pump out groups of links to search term results pages on (see here or here) and here's what happened to traffic:

Currently there’s 1.2 billion websites globally.

And so, as you can see with the above Bitcoin income stream, it was based on "estimated 73,500 page views per month" ... And with a little focus on promotion for a few days, that figure turns into 141,450 visitors per month: potentially DOUBLING easily the figures for bitcoin income stream from banner adverts for this site; if fully sold out each month, a whopping potential 18+ Bitcoin for ME, per year!

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And the bit of information you've all been waiting for? 

Get WITH IT HUMAN; this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity: 

This site is published on the FREE Blogger service from GOOGLE.(no excuses!).
  1. Click Anonymous Ads select 'Create Ad Unit' 
  2. Paste advert code into YOUR site.
Mercilessly moving YOU forwards in the EARNING BITCOIN INCOME STREAMS from YOUR website GAME :)  And 24 hours a day, from NOW ON (provided Anonymous Ads stays in business.  Best news?  I've been using them for YEARS, and they've never gone away yet  :)  Pile in!

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And that's .... 


PS It's good to be BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLO wonderful HUMAN RACE! .... Don't be SHY, start at the BEGINNING if this is your FIRST VISIT?

Op. #OTB Has Started 99% HEROES WANTED! :)

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