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Having only just brought this site back onto the public web,few weeks ago (actually, for the historic record, on 25th July 2017; we just checked, by republishing OPERATION OCCUPY THE BANKS CAMPAIGN PAGE; fully UPDATED!), for new site visitors, who should read this also,we like to point you out to the very best sources of intelligence around the world, did you know, INTERNET HISTORY?   

This site was helped in it's first few weeks within launching, by Cryptome, linking in: going live again on the public web, we noticed, some hits arriving, which reminded of us of this fact.

We'd like you to come to know cryptome (run by John Young) ... just in case we have to go private site ever again, so ... here's the historical record, for the month we launched, to give you idea of what sort of things cryptome publishes (often called 'the original wikileaks') and of course, a link to the site!  So you too can come to know one of the Internet's biggest (still) secrets; CRYPTOME!


Our own entry, I've highlighted, in red:

"O f f s i t e
OFFPBF                #OWS: FBI Finds Police Brutality Funny           October 31, 2011
MHFSP                 Met Police Has Fleet of Spy Planes               October 30, 2011
AATMP                 Anonymous Accuses Tor's Mike Perry               October 30, 2011
FESA                  Facebook's 800-Million-Users Spying Algorithms   October 30, 2011
NMWCD                 NRO Mocks Wikileaks and Cryptome Disclosures     October 29, 2011

WMWFR                 Why Military Whistleblowers Fear Reprisal        October 29, 2011
OTB                   Occupy the Banks                                 October 29, 2011
ECAB                  Evidence of Certificate Authority Break-ins      October 28, 2011
HSHT                  How Secure is HTTPS Today?                       October 28, 2011
TFCAV                 Tor Fixes a Critical Anonymity Vulnerability     October 28, 2011

APLTT                 Are People of Libya Truly Grateful?              October 28, 2011
CPCI                  Crowd and Protest Control Articles               October 28, 2011
OPCCM                 Oakland Police Crowd Control and Management      October 28, 2011
TOALBAL               Twenty-one Open Access Living Books About Life   October 28, 2011
OHP                   Open Humanities Press                            October 28, 2011

WHBGN                 White House: Billy Graham Alliance with Nixon    October 27, 2011
HCKLCR                Hillary Clinton Keynotes London Cyberspace Rig   October 27, 2011
WSASJ                 When Secrets Aren’t Safe With Journalists        October 27, 2011
PPDOO                 Photos: Police Dismantle Occupy Oakland          October 25, 2011
ESTC99                Eliot Spitzer talks capitalism with 1 of the 99% October 23, 2011

NGCC                  The network of global corporate control          October 22, 2011
ROBCL                 Review of Overseas Base Closure List             October 22, 2011
OBCL                  Overseas Base Closure List                       October 22, 2011
UNSP69-72             US National Security Policy 1969-72 (1093 pp)    October 21, 2011 (3.4MB)
DTTAC                 Does Twitter Trending Algorithm Censor?          October 20, 2011

DVDS                  Duqu virus derived from Stuxnet?                 October 19, 2011
CWBSL                 Video: CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer         October 19, 2011
OTWP                  Occupation Tacoma, WA Photos                     October 17, 2011
OPB                   Occupy Philosophy Blog                           October 17, 2011
FCFNWR                FBI Can Find No Wikileaks Records                October 17, 2011

GESR                  German Exploitation of Soviet Radio 1936-45      October 12, 2011
PMOU                  Peter Marcuse on OWS Update                      October 12, 2011
OBO                   Open Briefing Opens-Civil Society Spy Agency /MK October 11, 2011
OCSSI                 Organized Crime Scholars to Spy on Internet      October 11, 2011
IROCS                 IARPA RFP for Organized Crime Scholars to Spy    October 11, 2011

DSOC                  Digital Spying Organized Crime Meet              October 11, 2011
HTSC                  Hacking Team Spying Criminal                     October 11, 2011
UGJAWE                US Gets Jacob Appelbaum WL Email                 October 10, 2011
CN OWS                CN Activists-Academics Support OWS ht/nettime    October 10, 2011
GAU                   Government Attic Update                          October 10, 2011

ACS                   Afghanistan Contracting Show                     October 10, 2011
OWS Video 1           A Day at Occupy Wall Street by DS                October 10, 2011
OWS Video 2           OWS Promotional Video by DS                      October 10, 2011
CCCAGS                Chaos Computer Club analyzes government spyware  October 8, 2011
CUDII                 Consistency Under Deception Implies Integrity    October 8, 2011

OTV                   Occupy Tampa Video                               October 7, 2011
ESTNSR                EFF: Safeconnect 2P2 Network Security and Risk   October 6, 2011
WWS                   Wisconsin to Wall Street                         October 6, 2011
Lessig                OWS Can Uproot Wall Street, End Gov Bribes       October 5, 2011
IWCN                  Italian Wikipedia Censorship Near                October 5, 2011

QTVM                  Qubes TorVM and More Networking Fun              October 5, 2011
UKWMO                 UKWMO and Emergency Services Communications      October 5, 2011
CPFRIT                Cloud-Powered Facial Recognition Is Terrifying   October 5, 2011
COO          Opens                             October 4, 2011
CEKST                 Army Engineered Bribe-Kickback Siphons $20M      October 4, 2011

NYCGA                 New York City General Assembly Website           October 4, 2011
MSWHA                 Massive Security Weakness in Android Devices     October 4, 2011
DLENR                 DTRA on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions             October 4, 2011
VSLKS                 Veil of secrecy lifted on Kodak spy satellite    October 3, 2011
TFGHS                 Thomas Friedman Gets the Hots for Sweatshops     October 2, 2011

Vets 99%              Military Vets Defend 99% Occupy Wall Street      October 2, 2011
CHKCPLF               CIA-Hired Killer Charged in Parking Lot Fight    October 2, 2011
FRUS-USSR             State Releases Foreign Affairs on USSR 70-71     October 1, 2011
GKNBCV 1              Gangjeong KR Naval Base Protest Chaos Video EN   October 1, 2011
GKNBCV 2              Gangjeong KR Naval Base Protest Chaos Video KR   October 1, 2011"

If Cryptome is known by one group of people, perhaps the most, it would be by those who have an interest in internet security, state security, intelligence agencies operations, and of course, CRYPTOGRAPHY! :)



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