Saturday, 5 August 2017


And so, having been goaded by Dr Katherine Horton to get back involved in the fray (post my own merciless utterly mercilessly ruthlessly ruthless torture and attempted assassination 3rd-9th May 2014), .. cough, coming under satellite attack after WHICH POST, on WHICH DATE? .... 

I've taken this entire website (10,500+ posts) FREE PUBLIC ACCESS for TI's (and everyone else) worldwide...

Recently access sold for GBP 59.99 / USD $79.99 / EUR 79.99 ... yours now FREE!

Here's just a few tiny pages from those 10,000+ to get you started TI's: you need to get up to speed with how you're view of reality is currently distorted, find out what reality really is (where this website excelled so much in 2014, it brought The White Rabbit under satellite attack in the UK)

IMPORTANT UPDATE; New Site Launched!

Targeted Individuals - Basics

Once you get to know the sort of total scum we're dealing with, onto 'The Game' you've been unwillingly entered into, a game, for your life, quite literally.

Targeted Individuals - Advanced

And once you have some idea now, of why what is happening to you, is happening to you, time to get up to speed on the COVERT TECHNOLOGY being used on you (and possibly those around you) COVERTLY:

Targeted Individuals - Technology

Once you have some idea of the technology used to torture and murder TI's globally time to get up to speed, with those who DIED to tell you (almost including me) ... and those still alive SCREAMING OUT for YOUR help (whether you're a TI now (or ... just later :)) ... 

Targeted Individuals - Campaigners


All links to pages on this Website batched in groups of 4 ready to send out via Twitter etc!  DO IT! *JUSTICE NOW* Send the LOT *now*!  Email them ALL too, ALL IN ONE GO!

Dear Friend, check this lot out!

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#Freedom4TargetedIndividuals 16

#Freedom4TargetedIndividuals 17

If you have a website rip the links below to YOUR SITE!  Let's get the WORLD to hear the WORD of the TORTURED, MURDERED, TARGETED TI's; let's make this the most viral page on earth on the subject of Targeted Individuals and the SOLUTIONS.

Targeted Individuals & the Luciferianism/Satanism & Paedophilia Connection (now aka Pedogate):











Welcome: it's best, to start, at the beginning ...

1) share this: share it by Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Instant Message; Skype, Slack, etc, etc, etc (you get the PICTURE :))
2) If you blog or run a website please create a link from your site to the page you are now reading:

Time to ... Get BUSY!   Choose LIFE!  They're mass murdering you ANYWAY! ...


And for just some of the fun I've had along my own personal path, consider:

#OpGCHQ Hacking Rabbit (Tryin ;))

Nothing left to lose, but the NAZIS!

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