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Trading crypto-currencies, digital assets, and investing in both, too!  We started, back on 6th June 2016 with just our first GBP £10.00 exchanged into Bitcoin; and kept going, adding as follows, as you can see, a little bit of fake fiat magic trix team money, and buying FUTURE MONEY.

Bitcoin Trading & Investing

Here's how it's working out so far; as far as I have statistics: important note, as I'm trying to track trading and investment statistics (and am in a relationship of two, personally), then some of the following is no longer in my personal possession (yes, I got the other half into crypto!) ...

All that said, here's how crypto-currency trading and investing over now 15 months, has paid off for The White Rabbit and friends!


#InvestAltcoins 11/08 22.46 hrs

SUMMARY Year 2; Q1

Start 4.816453
End   6.800017
Gain  1.983564 $BTC

= $GBP 5,477.644 ( = 15 month ROI  = 715.11% )

If you're new to the site, and are interested in the end of first year results:  last day, first year:

#InvestAltcoins 05/06 @ 18.30 hrs

Total Portfolio = $BTC 9.171136

Equivalents =

$USD 24,010.68
$GBP 18,578.72
$EUR 21,342.25

#InvestAltcoins 05/06 @ 18.30

SUMMARY: Month 11 Day 30

Input = £2,297.91
Now = £18,578.72
Gain YTD = £16,280.81

ROI = 708.50%

The highest value recorded  by me during the entire period = circa 28,000 GBP

Yes, 28,000 GBP, created, from an initial investment, of just under 2,300 GBP.

Time to ...

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

And that's .... 


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