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And so, I often posted my personal weightings when this site was private, I've decided to continue to help newbie investors in crypto-currency, blockchain tokens & crypto-funds, etc, by continuing to do so.

Crypto-Currencies Investing!

Below find the last figures I had, followed by the updated figures.

Starting with the figures for 12th June 2017, and moving through to today; the position then, and how now it's been altered, as I go along,  First as a reference:

Daily Weightings 12/06 @ 10.10
$TAAS 536221.82
$BTC 10644.33
$XMR 2240.91
$NXT 2340.95

And today's figures:

Daily Weightings 20/08 @ 16.42
$TAAS 599433.33
$BTC 2031.13
$XMR 2911.62
$NXT 1670.93

As the keen among you will have noticed, new additions: $CFI $BCH $QORA

Get this, the $QORA totally free (as a SHAREDROP!) because I hold $OBITS (more sharedrops $APPTrade $OCASH $eDEV etc! ALL on the way!:  get going owning $OBITS via  Bitshares Open-Ledgers NOW, via our special referral: ->>

Interested in more recent performance related stats?  We provide: 3 month (rolling, per dates below):

18/05 -> 18/08/17
£18852.11 − £6915.62 = £11,936.49
11936.49 / 3 = 3978.83 $GBP / month

YUGE on $TaaS; here's why:

And I'm simply happy as LARRY!

For ME today:

Lisk (LSK)

$3.61 (78.11%)
0.00088689 BTC (76.74%)

Time to ...

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

Get Rich with Crypto-Currencies!

And that's .... 


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