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Update with Doctor Katherine Horton, Targeted Individual aka "TI" + Bonus Secret Serviceman!

Streamed live 14 hours ago

I interview Dr. Katherine Horton particle physicist formerly with CERN now investigating targeting via directed energy weapons, nanotech and neuroweapons.

Dr. Katherine Horton’s website:

Dr. Katherine Horton is an Oxford-educated scientist, a person of interest and targeted individual.

Katherine’s Bio:

Dr Katherine Horton has a 1st class Master of Physics and a PhD in particle physics, both from the University of Oxford. Until 2012, she was a Research Fellow at St John’s College, Oxford.

For years, she worked at the German electron-synchrotron accelerator DESY in Hamburg and at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva before becoming interested in the physics of complex human systems.

Her first case study was the English legal system for which she attended the high-profile court case of “Berezovsky versus Abramovich” in 2011. However, attending the public hearing, she was placed under surveillance by British intelligence. Since then, she has been under OVERT surveillance for the past 6 years. She suffered non-stop harassment and countless crimes were committed against her which became over more severe.

In 2012, she left academia to launch her own start-up in Germany, aimed at helping people to get back into work. Unfortunately, her endeavour was sabotaged by non-stop Stasi-style harassment and subversion such that she had to give it up.

Moving to Switzerland, she returned to the study of complex human systems and in 2016 she tried to launch a consultancy for complex human systems. Again, it was sabotaged and she started being mutilated non-stop with electromagnetic weapons. She requested an emergency injunction against British Intelligence at the London High Court in 2016. She received a death threat on the way to the first hearing, was shot in the head repeatedly with a microwave gun until she collapsed after returning to her hotel room and survived an assassination attempt three days later.

She has been brutally mutilated with directed energy weapons since then in Switzerland and has survived several assassination attempts. She went public about the attacks on her in December 2016 and at the start of January 2017, she founded a Joint Investigation Team between the US and Europe that is looking into crimes committed with directed energy weapons, military neuro/biotechnology and into systemic corruption.



"Recorded on February 23, 2017

Donald Jackson is a former five-year White House Secret Service Officer. His active duties were from the years of 2009 to 2014. Other duties included Fitness Coordinator and a lead at the east gate for access control. He has been a victim of Electronic Harassment, Human Experimentation, Directed Energy Weapons, and an Organized Stalking Target. He is born and raised in Chicago. Graduated from Depaul University in 2006, which he has a Bachelors degree in Education, concentration in Fitness Management. While at Depaul, he was a member of Divine Living Word, a student campus ministry. With the organization he was a leader and an associate board member. Donald wants to tell his story but is also speaking out to inform that no American is safe from this hidden torture, and the country needs to galvanize around the issue of ending Electronic Assaults and Non consensual human experimentation.

Since 2001, a large number of Americans have come forward with similar complaints of electronic harassment, directed energy attacks, illegal human experimentation, and organized stalking. Donald, whom held a prestigious position at the White House, even he could not be protected. Typically, these weapons are used on real foreign enemies of the state, but out of retaliation, and inexcusable personal reasons, many innocent Americans are chosen to be tested on. While at the White House, Donald Jackson developed a great relationship with coworkers, and White House staffers. However, after speaking out about a personal issue, his harassment intensified. As a result of these attacks, Donald was forced to resign.

Donald's situation at the White House is a wake up call that indicates the reach these criminals have no regard for the country itself, and this nazi program is meant to control the masses all around eventually.

Donald is hoping his voice along with the Targeted community can help reach attorneys to take cases for prosecution, the community and leaders, journalist, law enforcement, media, country leaders, and the general public."
Listen from 3:13.30

The Deep State Deep Learning Algorithm AI Beyond Black Global Techno-Government ... has your MIND TI!


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