Friday, 21 July 2017


"SevenofNine Again 1 year ago

I had an MRI scan and it was found that the bottom of my cerebullum is burnt and so injured. They make a link (with electromagnetic waves) with ur visual cortex to see through ur eyes and show u images of all sorts, and the effects of this is that damage is done to ur cerebellum. If u are being shown images of any sort or u think ur eyes are being used as a camera get a scan and I am willing to bet u will have the same damage to that area."

"Injuries or disease affecting the cerebellum usually produce neuromuscular disturbances, in particular ataxia, or disruptions of coordinated limb movements. The loss of integrated muscular control may cause tremors and difficulty in standing."

"SevenofNine Again 2 months ago

Recently I realized I have a chip in the back of my head, just under my scalp. I have a scar there but there is no record of any official medical procedure that would explain the scar. So, after thinking for ages that I wasnt chipped, I am!"

"FREEHUMANDATA 10 months ago (edited)

The excess of the radio waves, that your handlers use on you, makes the Shwann Cells burn out like an isolation on the wires in your house when the power fetched to the wires is too high. It cause the fire in the house but in your body, in your nerves, in your brain, it cause the electric impulse of your thought to get passed into another route causing the local seizure by rerouting the electric impulse on the nerve passway that you haven't meant to use at the moment."

Targeted Individuals - Technology

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