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"MsVanorak 2 months ago

Oh yes it's all true.  I've been a TI since 1992 and they keep doing new things to me.  But I was abused as an infant although I have no memory and can't prove it - everyone around me is tight lipped but there are marks and scars on my body.  Mutilated at approx. age 13 (EARLY 1970's) and my floating ribs removed (possibly a vertebrae too) using this time/space manipulation abduction process.  At the moment I am finding out about 'M state matter' as I think that that is what walk-ins, scuttlers, shadow beings and all the other optical illusions are made of.  My jewellery has been stolen and I have things that move about inside me - especially octopus-eyes - tiny little octopus tentacles swirling about in my eyes - great!  I was alerted to this when my stalkers threw ground metal powder in my eyes in the dark and punctured my eyes and I have a photo of this M state matter coming out in a mist - like a tyre going down.  So much more......."

"The Science of Ormus (M-State Elements)

PGMs, Ag, Au (4)

Since 1986, the top physicists in the world have known that a group of elements in the center of the Periodic Table can go through a phase transition, lose their metallic properties and begin behaving like superconductors when their atoms are isolated from each other and they enter a superdeformed, high-spin state. These elements are characterized as the transition metals, and consist mainly of the platinum group (Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Iridium and Platinum) and the noble metals (Copper, Silver, and Gold).

A Science article on superdeformed, high-spin nuclei:

Superdeformed nuclei go for a spin; physicists are head over heels about rapidly rotating, superdeformed nuclei.

These elements were only recently discovered to be capable of behaving this way, but science has found that these materials already exist in every living thing on the planet, including us. The truth is, we could not exist without them since they play a vital role in all of our biological processes. When in this state, the nuclei of these elements become deformed, go to a high spin state and pass energy from one atom to the next with no loss of energy. It is the only valid theoretical explanation for the mechanism behind consciousness being efficient enough to work as it does."  


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