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Binary code, always, but always, back to the simplest way any two conscious entities can communicate :)

"Army sergeant and his family took an unexpected detour through the night fog, encountering a colossal UFO. Using a voice altering mechanism to disguise his identity, the sergeant known only as C.J. described his family's experience when they went "off-road" near Wadley, Georgia into an excursion into the unknown. Packing his wife, two sons, their dog and cat into a pickup truck, C.J. was relocating the family from Georgia to Colorado. Thinking traffic would be light, they set off at nightfall. "It was a clear evening. We could see the sky and we could see clouds," C.J. recalled. "It was peaceful and we started running into strange fog. And my wife mentioned that's some 'creepy fog' because it was pretty dense in some spots." "The fog started to clear up and we're still traveling down Highway

1. We notice that the radio station we were listening to – it started getting 'static-y' and I put it on Sirius XM satellite radio and we're driving a little bit further down the road and then that started getting really 'static-y.' " "And then the lights on the inside of my truck – the dash lights - they got bright all of a sudden. And then started to dim down a bit." C.J. said the car's headlights began to do the same thing – dim and then brighten. He checked his dashboard to sure make his battery was working properly. They were somewhere near Wadley, Georgia at approximately 1:30 AM, C.J. recalled, when things got even weirder. "My wife noticed something in the sky - a white light. It was bright white. She said, 'what the heck is that?!'"

At first, C.J. thought it might have been lights from an airplane but as it descended, he wasn't too sure anymore. "As it was coming down toward the road in front of us, I slowed down and took my foot off the gas. Its trajectory was coming down toward the interstate that we were on. So I applied the brakes 'cause I didn't know what the heck was going on." "And as it's getting closer we're seeing some sparks toward the rear of it. They were spurting and then jet out a little bit and then die down again." "Whatever it was it looked like it was going to slam right into the highway in front of us!" "So we slowed down and I ended up pulling the truck to the side of the road and stopped. And as this thing got closer and closer we realized its size was enormous," C.J. said.

He estimated that the circular UFO appeared to be gigantic roughly about 800-feet in diameter, said the trained Army sergeant. "It had slowed down dramatically," C.J. said. "Its trajectory was no longer in direct contact with the highway in front of me. It pulled up and was literally at its lowest point - probably about 200 feet off the ground." "When it was coming over our heads, it went over very slow. The light that it was projecting in front of it was not attached to it. It was created by some sort of static fuel around it – a plasma field that had multiple colors - with some sort of field around it. It looked like an oil slick on water." Right overheard, the craft's lights then dimmed down to practically nothing.

He then became aware of an insistent humming coming from the airborne object, he later recalled. C.J. said the gigantic UFO appeared to be metallic in nature but he couldn't see any rivets or creases that would have held it together. It was then that he noticed five strange symbols, he stated. "It just had these emblems on the bottom of it... It looked like it was part of the craft itself. They were on the bottom and along the rounded surface of the bottom." "As far as to what those symbols were - I could not identify them." After the UFO passed, somewhat shaken, C.J. and his family drove on and then checked into a hotel. It was then that C.J. began having strange dreams – dreams with non-human beings in them. Those mysterious symbols he had seen on the UFO then took on a greater significance. Reportedly, in another motel, he awoke quite suddenly and was mystified to discover he was not in bed but was in the bathroom. There, he was frantically writing symbols on a receipt that appeared to be binary code! "

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