Monday, 19 June 2017


Justice for Grenfell Tower! Grenfell Tower and the 911 Connection!

Youtube Comment:

"Sam Black ...You may be closer than u think if my thoughts are right! lol... Check out frank lowy. (apparantly hes 'australian' Not a name thats surfaced much in all my yrs of looking into things, but he was silverslimes partner in purchase of wtc complex, & beneficiary of the pay out. He owns the westfield group. Conveniently the new westfield complex is next to Grenfell tower & surrounding estate. I will let u look into the rest about him to save time here, (wiki has alot about his official status) but what i should add is that it is suspected that the westgate in kenya is part of his group.
Oh yeah, & it was announced last saturday that hes up for a knighthood this year!!"

Seeing RED yet?

If not, there's more:

Illuminati Crypto-Numerology - 9

And now, you know:  Grenfell Tower and the 911 Attack on America connection?!

Quantum Correction 911


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