Thursday, 1 June 2017


One of the first services I used to get going investing from bitcoin into other digital assets/currencies was mentioned on this blog to you all.

A new service, by the same team, now live .... meet the founder of explaining it all:

Erik Voorhees Talks Prism: 1st Trustless Portfolio Platform

Built using Ethereum smart contracts, Prism exchange has just launched as a tool to gain exposure to various crypto assets while not revoking ones' private keys. Amanda B. Johnson gets details on Prism and more, including Erik's history as a (sometimes failed) entrepreneur.

- ShapeShift homepage:
- Prism homepage:
- Article, “When blockchains run companies, here’s what your job will look like”:
- Article, “How Blockchain Could Help Emerging Markets Leap Ahead”:
- Amanda’s articles on CoinTelegraph:
- “ Intro Video”: - “Introducing Prism” video:
- How does Dash compare with ZCash?:
- Privacy in Dash via PrivateSend:
- Dash’s governance model:
- Dash’s masternodes are compensated for providing network services:
- Prism on Facebook:
- Prism on Twitter:
- Danny Lee Golf Instruction: http://dannyleegolfinstruction.weebly...,, 562.260.4678
- Lady Shop Online:

- Dash Slack / Forum / Reddit:
- DASH: Detailed Twitter:
- Dash Homepage:
- Dash Twitter:


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