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"The site said the Chalcots project was a £66 million refurbishment which lasted 191 weeks.
The work included external thermal rain screen cladding on five towers, new aluminium thermally broken windows on five towers, and an overhaul of external roofs.
It added that 711 flats were modernised with new wiring, heating, kitchens and bathrooms.  "

711 - 911

7 - 9's reversed (of course, they're Luciferians) ... =  9 - 7's ...


7 - 11's ... 11 - 7's = 77

The Grenfell Tower - Burnt Offerings - Observation

Published on Jun 19, 2017

This report shows and discusses the relevant ritual code contained in the June 14, 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire, that occurred in London-UK.

The Grenfell Tower Fire is a significantly major Burnt Offering Ritual Sacrifice, that once explored, reveals much about the current state of concern among the new world globalist, who have as a result of the Grenfell Tower Fire, sacrificed many innocent lives to their demonic deity, by asking for its demonic assistance to defeat Trump and his current Trump administration actions, that could severely damage or end the future goals of the new world order globalist. This video runs long, only because there are many complex elements to discuss, regarding the Grenfell Tower Fire, that as information, is not always easily understood, by the public at large. Closing remarks regarding George Webb and others regarding current and ongoing You Tube activity, will be briefly discussed after concluding the Grenfell Tower Fire discussion.

Background Sources and Links:

Burned to ashes: Aftermath of Grenfell Tower blaze from inside

Was Grenfell Tower Fire Predicted on Economist 2017 Magazine Cover?

Published on Jun 18, 2017


The Tower shows a tall tower pitched atop a craggy mountain. Lightning strikes and flames burst from the building’s windows. People are seen to be leaping from the tower in desperation, wanting to flee such destruction and turmoil. The Tower signifies darkness and destruction on a physical scale, as opposed to a spiritual scale. The Tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises. The lightning bolt breaks down existing forms in order to make room for new ones. It represents a sudden, momentary glimpse of truth, a flash of inspiration that breaks down structures of ignorance and false reasoning. Notice the lightning bolt is oriented left to right (from the perspective of the card), from heaven to earth, and from Spirit to material. The falling figures correspond to the chained prisoners in the Devil card. They fall headfirst, because the sudden influx of spiritual consciousness represented by the lightning flash completely upsets all our old notions about the relations between subconsciousness and self-consciousness. The flames are actually the Hebrew yods. There are 22 flames, representing the 22 Major Arcana. The gray clouds are the clouds of misfortune that rain on everyone indiscriminately. The ruling planet of this card is Mars.

Angry relief worker:


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