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With an at times simply unbelievable rate of return (as covered here) it's time we all got to know STRATIS a little better.

I Introduce You: Stratis Platform

Published on May 27, 2017

What is the Stratis token?

Stratis is the currency which powers the Stratis Platform. A Proof-of-Stake (POS) cryptocurrency with limited emission and low inflation, Stratis (ticker: STRAT) is trading on reputable cryptocurrency exchanges and valued by investors worldwide. The Stratis cryptographic token ($STRAT) combines the proven security consensus of Bitcoin, with the latest advancements in blockchain technology.

Why use the Stratis Platform?

We offer simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of native C# blockchain applications on the .Net framework. Our platform consists a number of features including a cloud based service and a Blockchain development API.

While it is possible to take the open source Stratis Development Framework and fork it to your own needs. This is not a viable approach in most meaningful use cases. The mantra of Stratis is Blockchain Made Easy. With the Stratis Platform all design, testing, deployment and maintenance of your Blockchain solution is taken care of. In the same manner a company wouldn’t write their own database technology every time they need a centralized information store. They’d simply use one of the industry recognized solutions (e.g. SQL, Oracle etc.). Very few companies have experienced in-house Blockchain development resources standing by. By utilizing the Stratis Platform and Stratis consultancy, customers can focus on their business and leave the complexities of Blockchain development to the experts.

For more information:
Stratis wiki:
Stratis Academy:

Stratis - What is this blockchain & how does it relate to Bitcoin & Ethereum?

"It’s easy to miss the significance of The Stratis Project. Drowning in hyperbole, the cryptoverse spawns a never ending stream of next-big-things. Bitcoin Killers abound and thousands fall for promises that never deliver. Even so, among the dross, real innovation shines. A handful of projects deserve their top slots while others grow in the subsoil waiting to show the beauty of their form. Stratis is no shrinking violet; the team confident and businesslike. They walk a fine line, avoiding hype, building quietly and spreading the word through provable action. A growing community is witness to the skill, hard work and sharp vision that defines Stratis. This article comes from that community. We can praise where its due and, hopefully, help others see what we see.

Stratis is not a coin but a platform. We all know that bitcoin and the blockchain is going to impact the world in fundamental ways. The very success of bitcoin to-date has fostered a conservative approach to development, leaving room for a small army of visionaries to poke and prod with ideas good and bad in the alt coin space. We are in a golden age of early innovation and yet it is still a geek-fest. We are in the days of punch cards and green screen terminals. To fulfil its destiny, bitcoin and its sisters need designers, business people, financiers and the ingenuity of tens of thousands of non-crypto coders to humanise the space. Like it or not, we need to find our Steve Jobs, our Bill Gates and (if we’re really lucky) our Elon Musk and Jimmy Wales. Without our specialised coders, we would be nowhere but now is the time to lend them a hand – to attract experts from beyond the narrow walls of the cryptoverse – not in their hundreds but in their thousands." Continues.

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And so, now you know, a little bit more, about STRAT why not stick around, and learn some more, about other crypto-currencies we've already covered on site over the years?

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