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"Scientifically proven

8.  Yes. Dodge, Glaser, Radiation Bioeffects Research, Journal of Microwave Power, 12(4) 1977, p. 320. "The information explosion in this field has been quite dramatic since 1969, when the international data base was estimated to consist of less than 1,000 citations. In addition to maintaining inventories of the literature, we have undertaken from time to time to provide assessments of international trends in research, development, and occupational health and safety. In the present paper, we will concentrate on events which have transpired since our last review effort in 1975. Major events which have taken place during that period include: ...(5) Unpublished analyses of microwave bioeffects literature which were disseminated to Congress and to other officials arguing the case for remote control of human behavior by radar;
Psychotronic Arms Potential Must be Monitored, Member of the Russian Federation of Space Exploration Scientific and Technical Council, Anatoliy Pushenko in Moscow Rabochaya Tribuna, Nov. 26, 1994, FBIS, Ref # MM3011130594 " A prominent specialist speaks for the first time in our press in Rabochaya Tribuna about psychotropic weapons, which started to be developed in the sixties--space-based energy systems capable of killing every living thing on the planet and driving millions of people crazy. ... There are frequencies that are beneficial to people. But naturally there are also those which are hazardous. ...That is, it has a direct physical effect on the human brain. ... The terrible danger of psychotropic weapons is the possibility of their simultaneously and unequivocally affecting large masses of people over huge areas.

Moscow Armeyskiy Sbornik, Russia: National Information Security by Russian Major General, Valeriy Menshikov, doctor of technical sciences, and Colonel Boris Rodionov., Oct. 96, No. 10. P. 88-98, FBIS, Russian article, Mori DocID: 587170 "...Thus, the new space systems are potentially dangerous from the aspect of unfolding a wide-scale 'information war' and even, ..."Also, scientists, weapons experts, EU members on U.S HAARP Project, FBIS article by Alain Gossens: Apocalypse Now? HAARP... report from Brussels Telemoustique, 1997, FBIS MoriDocID 587140, "Are the Americans currently developing a vast weapons system capable of scanning the entrails of the earth to seek out secret bases, jamming any form of radio communications, influencing human behavior... Nevertheless, if one is aware of the fact that the real sponsors are the Navy, the Air force, and the Department of Defense, then it is hard to believe that it is not a project for military purposes."


And is perhaps the best sourced page of scientific references I've come across in a long, long while; if you're up to your neck in intelligent doubters, could be the best link to send them.


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