Saturday, 6 May 2017


And so, due to still being away on limited computer resources (back to UK Tuesday evening) rather than a sequence of seperate posts, each covering one topic as usual, a few post, containing an eclectic mix of topics, all highly relevant to where we find ourselves ... First up, some great news; 300 kids rescued!

900 suspected pedophiles arrested as ‘darknet’ child porn kingpin jailed

Next up, an update on Operation Rothschild;

Macron Document Leaker Releases New Images, Promises More Information

I can tell you one thing for sure; France may explode into riots, if Marine Le Pen wins .... And that may be tomorrow; whilst I'm still in France! :(

And whilst on the subject of the City my partner just bought property in (Paris);

These Are The Most Expensive (And Best) Cities Around The World

The above presents some of the most credible information on costs of living; always useful to know if one's considering either a move, or a holiday!

Next, a jump into a topic which we realised, apart from the child variety, we don't think we've ever covered on this site before; adult porn.  I took the time to listen to this briefing, given on capital hill, and it wasn't a waste of time:

Pornography A Public Health Crisis US Capitol Hill Symposium hosted by NCSE

I'd never truly thought about the effects off (too) young a child viewing content designed for 18+; never thought about the TRAUMA that could induce; the PTSD.  If you don't have the time for the full hour+, check out the first 10 minutes only; worth your time, promise.  Also worth mentioning, the uploader of the vide "Alexandria CM" is I believe a member of the Australian Commission o Child Sexual Abuse that recently gave it's final report; a channel worth a subscribe.

The blurb accompanying the video, below, contained a thought I'd never before entertained, yet found myself struggling to disagree with ... "Porn is just prostitution with a camera".

"Published on Jul 24, 2015

National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) hosted an influential symposium right in the U.S. Capitol building July 14, 2015, Porn is just prostitution with a camera--a public health Crisis💙💜 Science and research now show a wide range of harm caused by pornography, including direct links to increased demand for sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation and violence against women. Pornography affects the developing brains and shapes the sexual templates of children. It also contributes to the rise in sexual dysfunction now experienced by many young men and can be tied to the normalization of dangerous sexual behaviours. It is time to address the public health crisis resulting from pornography.
Stanley Kubrick of course ... Eyes Wide Shut ... comes to mind, which as we potentially stand on the cusp on thermonuclear war, led me to re-watch a movie I hadn't seen in decades, last night:

Considering how on the money Eyes Wide Shut was, with now near 20:20 vision, a frightening reminder, of just how insane Pentagon Generals can be ... 10-20 million civilian casualties ... acceptable.

And to finish this page, take 20 minutes, and enjoy (from the comfort of your chair) .. The Most Dangerous Hike in the World: 

El Camino del Rey

Next up, an update on Exopolitics ... 


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