Wednesday, 31 May 2017


And so, I went long BIG on $ETH (8 coin) about a week or two ago, for the first time, really, since the implosion (price drop from 20 USD to 7 USD or so) now many months ago.  Call it instinct; I felt the train was finally leaving the station in a way I might never be able to catch up with if I didn't grab my proverbials, and dive in, and so, I did, at around USD 173.00 I think it was.

I just came across this:


"ethereum will very soon start paying those who run a node after the Proof of Stake upgrade. Then, just by depositing some eth in a savings account manner, everyone will be able to join the protocol, securing the network, while getting paid for it."

My italics supplied.

Everyone reading this blog is clever enough to understand the import of the above information.

I'm holding my Ether ... no matter how harsh any correction might be along the way.

Long haul ... train IS leaving the station, gather thy courage and secure yourself a slice of $ETH even if it's much less than one whole Ether ... you've got to get going NOW.

Smart-contracting is the FUTURE, and the FUTURE is NOW, with ETHEREUM.

More on this, is coming posts, as I've been doing more research into the Ethereum Blockchain startups!

And In case you were wondering how my long entry at 173.00 USD is playing out right now:

 Ethereum (ETH)

$226.21 (9.89%)
0.09801540 BTC (7.43%)

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