Saturday, 27 May 2017


I didn't include the video / audio, nor have I listened to it, but I did find this useful little guide, as a comment:

"How to Connect with ETs and Galactic Families 

Spiritual Alignment is essential, because ET races are spiritually
advanced. They reside on a higher frequency of light and the best way to
 connect with them is to raise your own vibration. We`re all connected
and there is no seperation.

How to Do List

1. Know that ETs/Spirit Guides are around you (even if you can`t see
them yet, you will start to see them when you start working on raising your

2. Start working on raising your vibration through meditation. Bring in
and ground divine light.

3. Welcome positive and higher dimensional beings of light into your
life. Give them permission to enter your space, but only positive and
loving beings of light. Say this either mentally or orally during
meditation. The beings around us are highly telepatic, they can hear our
 thougths and feel our intentions.

4. Be loving, friendly and peaceful to them. Ask them to help you on
your spiritual development toward ascension. Express that you love them

5. Express that you would like to have a strong and positive
relationsship with your spirit guides and your galactic families.

These steps are very important, because you`re demonstrating spiritual
maturity to your spirit guides. Your guides will respond to this by
making changes in your DNA and gradually activate your psychic abilties.
 When you start to experience changes in your percieved reality, this
means that you`re in the transition phase of ascension."


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