Tuesday, 30 May 2017


And so, I'm in a moment's pause as I come up to the end of my first year investing in crypto-currencies and digital assets, and as I'm not currently holding any short-term positions, a rare chance for you to all see what I'm long, long-term with, in the blockchain investment space.

#InvestAltcoins 30/05 @ 12.34

Crypto-Currency Asset Allocations

Long / Weighted (GBP)

$TAAS     2588    taas.fund
$OBITS   1728    obits.io
$ICOO    1107     icoo.io
$ETH       1029   https://www.ethereum.org/
$WAVES  1112    wavesplatform.com
$GNT       1029   golem.network
$LSK         989   lisk.io
$WINGS    445   https://wings.ai/
$BTC         395  https://bitcoin.org/en/
$XMR       162   getmonero.org
$NXT          97   nxt.org

Current stats, coming up on year end on 30/05 at 12.34 hrs

Total Portfolio = $BTC 6.15887

Equivalents =

$USD 14,223.79
$GBP 11,062.17
$EUR 12,745.75

#InvestAltcoins 30/05 12.34

SUMMARY: Month 11 Day 24

Input = £2,297.91
Now = £11,062.17
Gain YTD = £8,764.26

ROI = 381.40%

To give you a fuller picture, the total bitcoin bought over the year = around 2.40 bitcoin.

As you can see, now with 6.15 bitcoin; investing in ALTCOINS and DIGITAL ASSETS, pays YUGE in bitcoin terms; and of course bitcoin is in long term bull.

The perfect storm: are you WILLING to SURF the WAVE?  381% so far, this year!

What a wave it is; GET OVER YOUR FEARS; get rich QUICK, like many others, all around the world, massively now moving their assets OUT of the FAKE fiat system, and into the cryptographically ensured HONEST system called BLOCKCHAIN(s).  Just say no to fake money.

It's simple.

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