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And so, I went long BIG on $ETH (8 coin) about a week or two ago, for the first time, really, since the implosion (price drop from 20 USD to 7 USD or so) now many months ago.  Call it instinct; I felt the train was finally leaving the station in a way I might never be able to catch up with if I didn't grab my proverbials, and dive in, and so, I did, at around USD 173.00 I think it was.

I just came across this:


"ethereum will very soon start paying those who run a node after the Proof of Stake upgrade. Then, just by depositing some eth in a savings account manner, everyone will be able to join the protocol, securing the network, while getting paid for it."

My italics supplied.

Everyone reading this blog is clever enough to understand the import of the above information.


As I went long, and long big (and it's paying off handsomely) with $TaaS worth mentioning due to the time-constraints (below) another crypto-currencies FUND is launching, this one focused on machine learning/deep learning, as it's way of obtaining alpha.



You may purchase the Beth Tokens only within the period of Beth Initial Coin Offering set out here.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


My my, one year almost in, to cryptocurrencies and digital assets investing, and did I miss out YUGE on one opportunity:


Click the navigation on the left side to "ROI since ICO" (see source, below):


Yes, that's sixty three thousand five hundred and sixty seven percent increase since Initial Coin Offering (aka ICO), as at the time of writing this post!

You need to know more URGENTLY:


Finally condensed, into around 10 minutes.

If you dare; this may be pretty much the bottom of the Rabbit Hole.


Yuge dump of vids I largely haven't got around to watching yet, but which have been open in my tabs for too long.  The lot, DUMPED. <g>

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

Ole Dammegard exposes international False Flag psyop corporate hub:!

Manchester Terror Attack contradictions: Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot Tony Gosling

Published on May 26, 2017
'Sorted' by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi
Fighters say government operated 'open door' policy allowing them to join rebels, as authorities investigate background of Manchester bomber

A mural in Tripoli paying tribute to fighters from Manchester who joined the 17 February Martyrs' Brigade during Libya's revolution against Gaddafi (AFP)
Amandla Thomas-Johnson's picture
Amandla Thomas-Johnson
Simon Hooper
Thursday 25 May 2017 07:20 UTC

The British government operated an "open door" policy that allowed Libyan exiles and British-Libyan citizens to join the 2011 uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi even though some had been subject to counter-terrorism control orders, Middle East Eye can reveal.

Several former rebel fighters now back in the UK told MEE that they had been able to travel to Libya with "no questions asked" as authorities continued to investigate the background of a British-Libyan suicide bomber who killed 22 people in Monday's attack in Manchester.

Read more ►

UK police: We're sorry for 'Guess Who? terrorism edition'
Salman Abedi, 22, the British-born son of exiled dissidents who returned to Libya as the revolution against Gaddafi gathered momentum, is also understood to have spent time in the North African country in 2011 and to have returned there on several subsequent occasions.

British police have said they believe the bomber, who returned to Manchester just a few days before the attack, was part of a network and have arrested six people including Abedi's older brother since Monday.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has said that Abedi was known to security services, while a local community worker told the BBC that several people had reported him to the police via an anti-terrorism hotline.

Salman Abedi travelled to Libya during the country's 2011 revolution (Police handout)
On Wednesday, authorities in Tripoli said that Abedi's younger brother and father, who had resettled in Libya after the revolution, had also been arrested on suspicion of links to the Islamic State (IS) group, which claimed responsibility for Monday's attack.

Sources spoken to by MEE suggest that the government facilitated the travel of Libyan exiles and British-Libyan residents and citizens keen to fight against Gaddafi including some who it deemed to pose a potential security threat.

'No questions asked'

One British citizen with a Libyan background who was placed on a control order – effectively house arrest – because of fears that he would join militant groups in Iraq said he was "shocked" that he was able to travel to Libya in 2011 shortly after his control order was lifted.

"I was allowed to go, no questions asked," said the source, who wished to remain anonymous.

He said he had met several other British-Libyans in London who also had control orders lifted in 2011 as the war against Gaddafi intensified, with the UK, France and the US carrying out air strikes and deploying special forces soldiers in support of the rebels.

"They didn't have passports, they were looking for fakes or a way to smuggle themselves across," said the source.

But within days of their control orders being lifted, British authorities returned their passports, he said.

"These were old school LIFG guys, they [the British authorities] knew what they were doing," he said, referring to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, an anti-Gaddafi Islamist militant group formed in 1990 by Libyan veterans of the fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

The British government listed the LIFG as a proscribed terrorist organisation in 2005, describing it as seeking to establish a "hard-line Islamic state" and "part of the wider Islamist extremist movement inspired by al-Qaeda". Former members of the LIFG deny that the group had any links with al-Qaeda and say it was committed only to removing Gaddafi from power.

Belal Younis, another British citizen who went to Libya, described how he was stopped under 'Schedule 7' counter-terrorism powers on his return to the UK after a visit to the country in early 2011. Schedule 7 allows police and immigration officials to detain and question any person passing through border controls at ports and airports to determine whether they are involved in terrorism.

'Inside The Freemasons' review 1/2 by former Mason, Sky TV series April/May 2017

Published on May 3, 2017 Former Freemason Ian Mattison reviews Sky1 series 'examining' or is it 'advertising' the Masons? Former Freemason Ian Mattison joins us for a special programme today looking at a series airing on Sky TV this month called 'Inside The Freemasons'. This is a critical review because the series is advertised as a genuine attempt to probe the secrets of the Masons but, according to Ian, does nothing of the sort. Much of the information presented is not genuine, showing, for exampe, a fast progression for new members through the craft which is a deceprion and seems designed to give false hopes to new members of how quickly they may be able to progress through the 'degrees' of initiation. These initiation rites, too, are 'censored' with the most frightening parts not shown in the series, presumably because Sky viewers may think twice about being subjected to those initiation rites which include repeated threats of death of the candidate and his voluntary submission, or agreement his being murdered. All-in-all The Craft is whitewashed an far from being an investigation into Freemasonry, it is a crude advertisement for the Masonic brotherhood.

Former Mason, and ex-Army Officer, exposing freemasons ... we're moving forwards, for sure!


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And so, I'm in a moment's pause as I come up to the end of my first year investing in crypto-currencies and digital assets, and as I'm not currently holding any short-term positions, a rare chance for you to all see what I'm long, long-term with, in the blockchain investment space.

#InvestAltcoins 30/05 @ 12.34

Crypto-Currency Asset Allocations

Long / Weighted (GBP)

Monday, 29 May 2017


This has got to be one of the most fascinating videos put on site, in some time.  A must listen, too many subjects covered to out line them all, but the BELGIAN ROYALS and their connection to PAEDOPHILIA, and the TRUMP recent visit to BELGIUM, and NATO HQ, put in context, space-ports for a few tens of thousands of dollars (First one being built as we speak in GHANA) ... and so much more.

MT Keshe Interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, May 23, 2017

We've covered Keshe on site since the start, and man, things just keep getting better and better.

My partner's recent purchase of a home in France, come with (as most French houses do) le Cave ... aka basement or celler to the Yanks or Brits ... And no prizes for guess what I'm planning to build down their to power hopefully what might be an underghround food production mini-facility ... Fukushima rad-free food , produced, with heirloom seeds, organically, at little or no cost; target - a year or two from now latest!

Note, Keshe tech is PLASMA based tech, and look, if you just don't believe this is the new frontier of science, take it from RT, public domain science:


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"Exclusive, explosive reports from the patriot
Joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force,
operating on American soil for over 200 years

ALL Patriot Americans MUST know with sources inside
American/European intelligence agencies and INTERPOL
reporting what is really going on behind the scenes of the
corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly
propaganda U.S. media's massive deceptions

Protect and defend   YOUR   Constitution Bill of Rights,
the Supreme Law of the United States

Sunday   May 28, 2017

British Intelligence Now Faces Decapitation
by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that the HIGH TREASON British Intelligence "WD-199" document has leaked out and has now been officially unclassified by the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers.

The document has connected the dots on Bush-Clinton-Obama-Tony Blair HIGH TREASON crimes against the American People reference the year 2000 stolen presidential election (links to Serco), the 9/11 Black Op False Flag attack on the American People, the illegal war in Iraq, which plundered the U.S. Treasury reference $7.3 Trillion down the rat hole and rewarded British Petroleum (BP) and British-owned Carlyle Group with trillions of dollars of blood money profits.

Sunday, 28 May 2017



Indictments! Pelosi's Son Arrested for Murder! #OpDeepState #FightBack #VictoryinProgress #TrumpTrain #GOP 2 replies . 8 retweets 4 likes


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Just in case anyone got worried, I've been (I hope temporarily) locked out of my account @censorednewsnow (am still posting via @InvestAltcoins) ... I have contacted support, as I'm stuck in a loop, where twitter wants a verification code it won't send me in a way I can receive.

If I was conspiratorial, I'd also mention I'd just sent out a bunch of tweets calling for the arrest of banker with this pic attached, to each one :)

I wonder who's bankers, might have had a problem, with that .... twitter <g>


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I use the US company at the moment to acquire bitcoin; I'm checking this Swedish (I think!) company out now though, seems faster (which is important to me, but may not be to you):

Always aim to have a few good suppliers lined up, just in case, the real-world financial meltdown happens!

And it seems, it might already be in progress, judging by the bitcoin record highs, of last week.


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And so, with the bad, the torture, the TI's, etc, comes perhaps, some good?
Won't this lead to us understanding, for the first time being able to READ THE MINDS of 'animals', and who wonders, what wonders, we might discover, about other sentient beings, on earth.

Just in time for our collective extermination.

Sunday, 28 May 2017



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If you're not yet on Open Ledger, why not? THE FUTURE IS NOW. Fact.

Get going:

UPDATES, on the WHY:

Update 1

"Airbitz has now partnered with OpenLedger ApS to allow users to login to the decentralized blockchain with the scan of a barcode. Using Airbitz, private keys are instantly created, encrypted, and backed up, meaning that for OpenLedger users, there are no words to write down, no files to save, and no data to encrypt. It all happens automatically, magically.

Ronny Boesing, Founder of OpenLedger ApS, said, “Airbitz is a blockchain-inspired data security solution that enables end-users to securely access a multi-blockchain environment with a single sign-on experience.  Airbitz empowers users to control their own private keys with the familiarity of logging into a website or mobile app and without trusting third party providers. Everyone will enjoy using the Airbitz wallet to login and enjoy complete control of their information.”

Since its release, Airbitz developers have been able to use this open-source Edge Security SDK for their decentralized applications. Airbitz now powers the leading decentralized applications in the blockchain space including Augur, Wings, Lunyr, Sphre, and now OpenLedger.

Paul Puey, CEO of Airbitz, explained, “OpenLedger is powerful and exciting project for us at Airbitz. For years we've advocated that the power of bitcoin and digital currencies is in the ability for users to control and own their funds. The necessity of centralized exchanges has compromised this core value proposition of blockchain technology and has been the root cause of hundreds of millions of dollars of cryptocurrencies’ loss and theft. The OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) delivers the dream of digital asset exchange with no central authority and risk, and we're proud to partner with and power this massively disruptive project."

Based in Denmark, the OpenLedger Decentralized Conglomerate (DC), is the world's first blockchain powered conglomerate, based on BitShares technology, supporting an ecosystem which includes the OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and OpenLedger’s Crowdfunding (ITO) Services. The OpenLedger DEX is now one of the most powerful cryptocurrency platforms designed for high-speed transactions, allowing users to trade assets in real time, securely, and with ultra-low fees."

Update 2 - real gold on blockchain inside open ledger: DONE!

Official ICO Sold Out in Minutes, Reserve available on OpenLedger Only.
ZenGold (ZGC) launched its ICO campaign yesterday May 26 at 3 pm (GMT) and sold out within 30 minutes. A recent partnership with Chinese Viewfin sees its first result now making it possible at 12.00 noon CET May 27th 2017, to offer an additional reserved number of tokens on OpenLedger Decentralized Exchange (DEX) for fortunate investors worldwide.
Developed on the Metaverse Blockchain, ZenGold creates crypto assets that are backed by physical gold enabling investors to instantly buy and transfer gold, in any quantity, anywhere in the world. The total number of 63,000,000 ZGC tokens (representing the right for its holders to receive a share from the generated profit of the ZenGold network) will be distributed within the campaign.

And estimated amount of 9.3 million tokens is made available on OpenLedger and will be offered on selected markets in the form of the asset ZENGOLD. A new crypto gateway OPEN.ZGC will be made available on the day of distribution and all ZENGOLD native tokens on OpenLedger will be offered to be converted to the OPEN.ZGC 1:1 which you could then withdraw to your official ZenGold wallet as you would with any other crypto.
The gold-backed tokens (ZNGs) will enable its holders to use gold as an effective payment mechanism and credit system while benefiting from the transactional functionalities of Blockchain technology. They will be minted into existence only by the purchase of actual gold. 1 ZNG token represents the ownership of 1 gram of the physical gold, securely stored in the Shanghai Gold Exchange.
BTC, ETH, The Metaverse cryptocurrency ETP, the BitShares BTS, and the BitShares StableCoins BitCNY and BitUSD, will be the crypto accepted on Openledger during the ICO campaign which will last for another 14 days, with the closing date set for Friday, June 9, 2017 3:00 PM (GMT+8).
The ZENGOLD markets are as follows:
Bitcoin (BTC):
Entropy (ETP):
BitShares (BTS)
SmartCoin bitUSD:
SmartCoin bitCNY:
Ronny Boesing, CEO of OpenLedger, stated, “By coupling the newest and most innovative medium of exchange with the oldest form of transactional value, ZenGold combines history with technology, creating a new reality. Zengold tokens will enable its holders to use gold as an effective payment mechanism and credit system while benefiting from the transactional functionalities of Blockchain technology.” 

Eric Gu, CEO of Viewfin, stated, “The investors throughout the history saw gold as a safe-haven asset during turbulent financial periods. At the same time, the possibilities behind Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have never been more promising. ZenGold acknowledges both trends and aims at providing the best of both worlds to the investors around the world. By coupling the newest and innovative medium of exchange with the oldest form of value, ZenGold plans to combine history with the technology and re-shape the financial industry.”

While attracting a lot of interest from cryptocurrency investors during the ICO round in China, ZenGold managed to raise 2,000 BTC within 30 minutes after the ICO opening date on 26th of June. The funds were contributed by the investors through 3 different platforms. The successful completion of the campaign proves that ZenGold has taken the further step towards achieving its goals. "

Further token, only now available via open ledger, get GOING!

Only the best for you folks :)


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And so, almost 12 months into putting everything I owned (GBP 10.00) into blockchain assets, and then furiously micro-managing my capital (adding just 2,270 or so more so far this year), at 8 am this morning:

@InvestAltcoins 28/05 @ 08.00

SUMMARY: Month 11 Day 21

Input = £2,297.91
Now = £10,281.67
Gain YTD = £7,983.76

ROI = 347.44%

Almost 350% return, in under 12 months, so far, this year!  Do you see WHAT is happening, and WHY?

Blockchain is Eating Wall Street | Alex Tapscott | TEDxSanFrancisco

Sell bank stocks (of banks not LEADING the charge to blockchain); sell stocks in any industries that will be destroyed by blockchain tech ... which is not just about money ...

Get your thinking cap on!  There's only ever two sides to any trade; winner and LOSER.

Choose WINNER :)

You NEED a STRATEGY *now* to hedge your way into blockchain assets if you do not currently own any, and you NEED to get going with that strategy NOW: fact FACT FACT is (don't EVER ignore FACTS) ... a decision to do nothing, is a DECISION TO GET **WIPED OUT** ... it's ALREADY happening.


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And so deep breath you subscribed for the REAL realities ... dare stare at certain death:

"Total Gamma and Beta Radiation in 2006 YRTW 18X

Facing a Dying Nation
A big reason Americans know they suffered through such high Rads in 2006 is because the government decided somewhere in the Pentagon that killer Rads massively showered on the unsuspecting and trusting public is worth it.
Sure – some residents croaked and some are still very sick and dying from it; but, it was worth it. This is real rad and real dead people we are talking about here.
If you have a friend or loved one who passed from suspected Rad poisoning, mystery illness or heart attack/stroke just suck it up. Thank you for their sacrifice; or so the God Narrative of the Pentagon goes.
​”I actually Gasped when I saw the Rad Beta Count for Washington, D.C. for this issue on the EPA website. It was 2.1 Billion, yea, with a Capital B. Last issue Chicago had a 2.4 Million Rad Beta Count. DC is almost One Thousand Times Worse at 2.1 Billion. That’s a whole Lot of Worse.”​
    High Gamma Count in 2006: Washington, D.C. 16,343 CPM
    High Beta Count in 2006: Washington, D.C.:  2,147,463,647 CPM [Note: That is 2.1 Billion, with a “B”.]
The Trinity atomic blast took place in the Alamogordo Desert of New Mexico. Berlyn Brixner was the official photographer for the event. This is one of his images of the world's first atomic explosion.
The Trinity atomic blast took place in the Alamogordo Desert of New Mexico. Berlyn Brixner was the official photographer for the event. This is one of his images of the world’s first atomic explosion.
Later the Beta Radiation Count was quietly dropped by the government just when residents needed to know about this Rad stuff. We were all damaged and some were killed by this “on purpose” Rad dosing of the population by these Psychopaths. The Rad poisoning is still going on, too. This is way over the line.
This was then and and is now premeditated murder. It is a simple murder charge under State laws. Rein in, arrest, do a proper trial and execute these homicidal morons and their accomplices.
This VT article is Evidence. There are about 8,000 District Attorneys in the States. This is the kind of thing they are supposed to prosecute – Capital Murder.
Before you people out there who oppose the death penalty yell out just remember one thing. All those involved knew this Rad Disaster was happening and did their jobs to increase the Rad death and destruction as steadfastly as they could. They wanted to kill billions of people – the Rad criminals still do.
The Rad Lethality will continue to increase because that’s what Rad Lethality does. The simple reason is some of the Uranium decays to Plutonium. When that happens Rad Count increases. Once set free, the change cannot be altered or stopped by anyone or anything. The Rad is the ultimate power and its mission is to kill  you.
There is nothing we can do to stop it. The Rad will take us all out. Yea, that includes all of us; plus the bugs and the fish driving around in the the air, lakes, rivers and oceans. The Rad also Nails the long lived remnants of the Dinosaurs; y’know … the birds. They don’t have a prayer.
All of us are included; none are left out. That is reality, anything else is just Magical thinking or a purposeful lie.
The possible number of readings in 2006 was 8,760. [24X365 = 8,760 Hourly Readings possible.]
Bob Nichols, Veterans Today Columnist
Good Day! This is “Your Radiation This Week ” for the Radiation High readings for the year 2006. These are the recorded Total Gamma Radiation and Beta Radiation Highs that affected people around the States.
YRTW ELE is published every two weeks on Saturday. ELE is an acronym for “Extinction Level Event.” The amount of Rad in the air now Dooms Humanity to a relatively quick Extinction. I can’t say it any plainer than that.  The next publication dates are June 3 and June 17, 2017.
Alert: The Table has changed: It is a VT Table and more capable, all columns are Sortable. Click on the triangle symbols to Sort. The entire article is protected by VT against CyberArmies and amateur hackers that try to destroy or alter this article.
Table of Poisoned American Cities
Total Gamma and Beta Radiation
Per Hour High for 2006 CPM * City
Coincidence, Right?
The massive real estate collapse and recession started in 2008. Makes one think. Radiation poisoning of the movers and shakers is as good an explanation as any as to why it happened. Rad poisoning makes you stupid.
Have a wonderful radioactive weekend and remember to Dodge the Rads, it’s dangerous out there.


Copyright by Bob Nichols @ 2017: Reproduce and distribute. Give full attribution to Bob Nichols at

Sources and Notes

  1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA. Individual queries can be built at the EPA RadNet Query Builder.
  2. The EPA based reporting of NETC, an LLC.
  3. These stations’ Radiation equals Total Gamma Radiation. Gamma Radiation Monitors are reporting publicly at all these locations.
    CPM. “Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute or CPM. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.” Quote from the ‘Your Radiation This Week’ Apr 3, 2015.
  4. Ape’s Lung showing Alpha particle tracks. Robert Del Tredici, At Work in the Fields of the Bomb [1987], plate 39. Amazon.

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And 1/3rd of that which sustains all life in the USA, already wiped:

Sunday, 28 May 2017


And everyone is still pissing about rather than simply summarily executing the cabal worldwide.


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And so, no joke time, time to get very serious indeed about a SURVIVAL GARDEN if you're in the USA, time to get serious about ensuring you can also POLLINATE BY HAND your fruit and vegetables.  Quite simply, otherwise, you may starve.
With nothing left to pollinate crops, it's simple: there be no crops, to harvest, come harvest time.

And especially:

And you'd better get SERIOUS about LONG-TERM food production LOCALLY:

No fruit, no berries, ANIMAL KINGDOM COLLAPSE = no protein = you dead, too.


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Saturday, 27 May 2017


I didn't include the video / audio, nor have I listened to it, but I did find this useful little guide, as a comment:

"How to Connect with ETs and Galactic Families 

Spiritual Alignment is essential, because ET races are spiritually
advanced. They reside on a higher frequency of light and the best way to
 connect with them is to raise your own vibration. We`re all connected
and there is no seperation.

How to Do List

1. Know that ETs/Spirit Guides are around you (even if you can`t see
them yet, you will start to see them when you start working on raising your


Yuge update!

Manchester and the Gross Hypocrisy of the 'Moral West' 

Meet the Targeted Individual Community

Recently, thousands of people around the world are claiming to be having the exact same terrifying experience. They all report the same symptoms: hearing operator voices in their heads, suffering from ‘electronic torture’ and being subject to organised stalking - they call themselves ‘Targeted Individuals’. A number have attempted many things to relieve their pain - from living life on the run to surgically removing their own flesh because they believe it’s implanted with microchips. VICE follows a growing community who say they are being targeted as part of a government programme that is harassing and controlling them using hidden technology.


I've spent most of the day listening to chats with traders interviews, of which, this was perhaps the best:

Perhaps because he's a Brit, perhaps because the first part of the interview is about his long, long progression into profitability (seven years or so) ... but most importantly due to the insights given in the second half, if you're in a hurry, dive in there!  But most of all, subscribe to their you tube if you're in anyway involved in the markets, they seem to do one or two interviews a week.

You might be interested in my view of whether Manchester was a false flag in any way. So far, I'm frankly too distressed to have taken the time to look in any detail.  Point is, we're under attack, and the enemy is getting through; it matter little when under attack who the enemy is, what's more important is that one gets one's defence UP, and ASAP!


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Friday, 26 May 2017


And so a little digger deeper into some of the newer Ethereum smart contracts brought up a business just launched with BIG plans for banking the unbanked (a massive market) on blockchain: introducing Humaniq!

Available in Ukraine:

More details


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Crypto, it's the future; and the future, is NOW!

Now in beta, and I know this will be of interest to more than just me ...

Crypto, it's the future; and the future, is NOW!


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