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How most people see the sky. Note the plane going overhead following quite a few before it. Not all the chemtrails are visible to the human eye straight away
Starting to uncloak the energy. Note the dark cloudy contamination hanging there ready to expand
Around the plane
Previous contamination already there
The previous trail visible through the grid like a funnel opening up
The trails in the sky visible
Note how to normal view they not visible on 1st pic
I took the first pic last btw to show how invisible they are to people who haven't got gift of sight
This is on the other side of the house uncloaked
It's 3 miles from the airport
The 1st pic I took
Starting to use my energy
And you can see my energy starting to vibrate off my body here in an arising arc
Across dimension energy
It's quite a gift isn't it. I have use of different coded energy. I'm looking into blood types as I'm o neg
And apparently it is a special blood group. A lot of people who have rh neg blood have esoteric natural gifts
Some researchers think it's linked to the nephilim offspring blood line
Keep digging :)
Yup. I know from family Secrets passed down that we a very old family and been targeted by elite families for thousands of years already. Hidden then rehidden
I have 12 spirit guides!
Apparently that's very unusual
But I question if they are dimension travellers. I have two nans who are part of the 12 but the others 🤔
I've got pics of them too
And videos
I think a lot of the pics I'm including in the books will be criticised but they all real and just taken on normal camera on phone. I think they will sell well. Especially as there isn't much credible evidence of all the dimensional energy in existence for viewing by Jo public
And I think it will appeal to many scientific minds who talk about the existence but don't have the proof
I'm O neg too
for all the good it does me
Really? And have you got any gifts?
Hmm also in some blogs I've read apparently the nephilim offspring are cursed by the elites black magickers and cabal etc
But they more the deep religious ones I read who believe that the nephilim were the satanics
I hope things are going oki for you both
Meant to put it here!
Here u can see my hand as I'm in the multi dimensions and my platinum energy triangle looking slightly pinkish at the side of my finger flaring
Waking astral
The shape of heart ♥ forming as using heart chakra too here
Here they have come to me. You can see the hoof hand on my wrist energy chakra. And the 6ft plus being in shadow middle of pic
In the corner where my back door is but it's obscured as the dimensions are open you can see how I've uncloaked the spectral visitor my uncloaking energy peeling back that dimension cloaking to reveal him. They both retreated very quickly after I started taking pics
The hoof and entity close up
The uncloaking and my energy close up in corner. Also notice the central opening portal arch with what is two pillars at the bottom as they are joining to complete the opening. And a figure central in it. Shadow being. That hasn't yet travelled through to me
Have put it on different effects like bw litho latte etc on the facility on my pics. I only have that option n cropping Jason. U may have more available for analysis?
And yes they spoke with me too
This was in 2004. Do you remember the Egyptian message left of the android cat going into the ground and the ball on her head as she reemerged? I shared the legend with you on mega n the pics
Look into the platinum light at the back. Can you see the monkey and the smaller ball behind it?
Screenshots of what I mean I'm doing
You can see the dimensional energy emanating from in the blue effect
The portal which is small here in the background and black and white one
Using my many energy gifts the platinum heart ♥ leaving me that shows forming on the inter dimensional one I shared
You can see my energy coming from side of my thumb. Two pics of my hand interdimensional. You can see the differences as the energy is building up
I hope this has not scared you. But yes interdimensional life is very very real
And here is the proof
And this is what they are doing and hiding
And it's because I speak about it openly that I'm targeted
I got sent this by a friend. Can you see them? Interdimensional they can apparate through any material. More and more people are seeing. They have already got lined up a explanation in science. . Not just schizophrenic but this too. They will do anything to cover up!!
Psychological manipulation
If what I am photographing is manipulation then their secret weapons are very very advanced to enable what I'm going through
I see it and take pics just on phone camera. Hmm
We live in science era. Science is causing all this. The need to explain and disect. Funny is codes. Di (without the e energy. Di death. Di change the colour and frequency. Sect.. secret. A cult. Hidden.
Everything is truly by design for real
De Rothchild. De rockerfeller. Negel. Another name of satan. As mirror image goes... Legend without the d on the end to fit in with the 5 points of the pentagram ⛧ the di also the first two letters of dimension. Lol a giggle one.. De the first two letters of demented
D on its side. Half 🌓 circle. Outside sacrifice. e the half circle with the D laying atop. They chose both symbols together and use them in their title names. Blatant in your face statement of what they are really doing. No one questions the symbolic meanings of their chosen name. Every thing is a well thought out secret communication code.
Planned well in advance
We are not even near catching up with them!
L 7 the tent peg symbol in writing. In reverse / mirror image.
The elongated skulls of past planet inhabitants. Genetic engineering. We have smaller skulls. Less brain matter. Easier to manipulate and control than perhaps past civilians
Plus I do know from information passed to me as a child that in old family Secrets that humans brains were 'bigger' and we were totally in tune with the energy and worked naturally with earth. There were not wars until the invading Dinasaurs arrived and they obliterated earth beings. We are literally living through their take over atm I believe
Your thoughts on this would be interesting? 😊
In the past humans were totally tooled and gifted into adulthood. Talked by telepathy. The symbolic meaning of the Apple of knowledge from the garden of Eden... Another code including sacrificial language... Men have the Adams Apple. The central pip of the fruit. From the tree of knowledge. Although it's been changed to that from the grapes it was originally in older script. A blatant in your face clue of past genetic engineering??
Sorry for all the messages but it's relevant to what is happening and what has been hidden
My own family got hidden. They had to hide because they were being attacked. And targeted in the past. Because we knew too much I believe
The interview with David icke that I shared on timeline. He too is pushing holographic existence. But in the secret disinformation agenda he sorta slipped up
What he says about his experience of realisation to put the claim in that he jesus, although I dunno if him saying we are all God is a backtracking on what he did as I do believe psyops was being used on him and like Katherine said those at the top of the pyramid of their game....
He perfect candidate being ex footballer and ex BBC commentator. To be microchipped and used in the mku ops and agendas
He hasn't been locked up as being schizophrenic or targeted for what he saying
My tweet about the maybe someone should stand outside the building for the victims of immigrant crime to warn them not to expose themselves to being targeted... It happened pre ww2 as Katherine pointed out and is happening again. The Georgia guide stones were put up 1980 and since then the agenda has sky rocketed. There is a pillar at roslyn Chapel that I completely understand and am going to visit there to release the magic left there by good souls.
Immigration crime via cia etc loons and being instigated by them is now huge. Just think what they are doing that we know about!! Yes the robotic agenda is real. And so is the genocide taking place right now. In 100 years when the Dunblane papers come out.. If they are not lost in the meantime.. May not even be read by any human beings
As they may be wiped out as a species
It's the D notice... With the 100 on it. The 1 shorter peg. The 10 binary with the 1 of binary having a hook on it and the 0 energy twice. Nasa said they got a message from space of a 00. I don't believe them and I think that message was a secret communication openly of the intention to kill souls
0 is the soul symbol too that interconnects with the line energy of shapes to enable life existence at all.
In revelations he searched for the perfect soul twice
Keeping in mind they playing out revelations
Was NASA's Voyager 2 'hacked' as it entered deep space? | Ancient Code
The 00 story has disappeared but I copied it on one of my memory sticks. It said the 00 code had been sent from the probe that had just passed Mercury and was on the boundary of the galaxy. This one is a more recent one. But notice the numerology as well as the naming codes
In space code
Anyway I thought I would share this with you. Just more dots being joined
Hmm if David icke is who he says then how come he can't also photograph energy travel it and also uncloak it. Photographs real ones. Not ones made on a computer. I question so many things.
He says himself he heard voices talking to him. Emf etc?? Through ancient circle. Portal being used and manipulated? 🤔
Loads of military bases in Scotland
All over actually
"I hope this has not scared you."
I need to be open and honest (as usual).


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