Monday, 24 April 2017


I've just participated in another ICO; and the best way I can find to explain the why might be to say would you have turned down the offer to be able to be the first person to have invested in SKYPE?

Welcome to  ... Telecommunications on Blockchain:

Already past it's first two fundraising marker-points in it's first few hours; 20% bonus applies in the first 24 hours; and there maybe a few short hours of that left, by the time you read this.

i.e. if you're going to act, act quick!

I invested 0.10 bitcoin (about 100 GBP) ... in a hurry ... The main investment this month don't forget, DIVERSIFIES you instantly (unlike this encryptotel, which is a very industry specific investment);

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


TASS still has 3 days left to go ... Last chance :)

I have invested a whole bitcoin+ in TASS, by way of comparison with the 0.10 BTC in encryptotel.


The bitcoin payment in having arrived:

Total EncryptoTel:  2540.434 bagged :) 

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