Sunday, 16 April 2017


New: Linda Moulton Howe Lecture -  Stunning Alien Binary Code Messages 

Published on Mar 15, 2017

Another amazing new Linda Moulton Howe Video, Linda explains there have been reports of highly strange phenomena around the world that involve heiroglyphic symbols on unidentified aerial craft. Some of those high strangeness cases have also included binary code that has been translated. Linda will compare symbols and binary code translations in cases that have ranged over time from the 1800s to current day.

Howe presents a few seemingly unrelated UFO cases in her portfolio to illustrate and suggest that Extraterrestrial life is definitively incorporating specific and advanced software programming into their human contact; with things like crop circles, suppressed technology, and even case studies involving binary code transmitted to contactees in a recordable, documentable format. While the possible explanations to this theory are widely varied, there is also empirical speculation that natural algorithms like Pi could be inherent to some of this alien software, which could have some profound implications if correct.

Dare you?


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