Wednesday, 22 March 2017


Huge intel dump on too many subjects to mention; all unrelated, none perhaps worth of a post on their own, but I've had them all open in tabs, and been unable to close the tab down without sharing the intel.

Ancient Aryan Settlement Discovered

Note ... old, but see next link

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society

1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati History

Milabs ... far, far out stuff ...

Voices of the Milabs Karol On Mars

"Published on Mar 17, 2017 In a new feature on Bartley's Commentaries on the Cosmic Wars, we will hear from "Voices of the Milabs." Karol is a Milab who has been used in combat missions and has battled humans and large cyborgs. She has been to Mars many times as well as the Moon and has been teleported via "Jump Rooms." Karol describes the monitoring and surveillance and harassment she has been subjected to and talks about what she needs to do to decompress and revert back to her normal state of being after being utilized in combat and military ops."

I would normally pass on something like the above ... but it's James Bartley interviewing...

Anyone in the UK (not sure if these are available to overseas investors), I've been doing some finance research, and there's a new type of ISA around; FInancial Innovation ISA, and you can invest thus tax free, in what might otherwise be taxable investments; one example should suffice: crowdfunding/P2P:  Note; example taken at random, I am not in any way recommending this particular investment, just outlining ONE (of many) TYPES of investments that might become available TO BE TAX-FREE WRAPPED inside one of these new TYPES of ISA's.

For our overseas readers; ISA = Individual Savings Account.

Access .onion sites via (Tor Browser);

It must be ten or more years since I had a peek around any true darknet.

Handy list for anyone wanting to find out what all the fuss is about.

Do note, as I understand it these dark markets are full of contraband ... duly warned!


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