Wednesday, 8 March 2017


And so, a long, long time ago, in what seems now, to have been a universe, far, far away, a young lady told me she'd done research (related to a life-long medical condition she had) and had also been deeply researching 'conspiracies', as we all were, five years ago, online, and in roughly her words, she said this: "Everyone has it wrong about bloodlines, it's about blood TYPE!" ... And so ...  Truth or bullshit, finally the squaring of the circle; to arrive back at your departure point, is to know it for the first time ...

Rh Negative Blood Mystery | Explained in 5 Minutes

Had the above open for days, haven't yet found the five minutes, don't want to lose the chance to listen.

And neither should you.

I gave my hint away, with the EXOPOLITICS tag, in the title :)


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