Friday, 10 February 2017


Hi everyone, just a quick post to explain why no posts for some time.  I'm in France at the moment, helping my partner who has just bought a flat here in Paris.  Unfortunately due to a few mix-ups, I thought I would not lose internet access here during the move, but due to unforeseen circumstances (like the flat seems to be in a black-spot in the French public wifi system (orange), I've been unable to access the internet by any means for the past few days (even though we shelled out 30 Euro for the same!).  The telephone is now UP and internet too, at this location, but days later than intended.  I'm back over to the UK hopefully late Tuesday evening so things should be back to normal by Wednesday of next week.  Meantime, I write to let all paying subscribers know I will be adding a week to all of your subscriptions so that you don't lose out.

Now we've managed to get electricity and water and gas and telephone and net working this end, I might be able to get a few posts made from tomorrow, but no promises as I'm still tied up organising the Paris end of my life until back late Tuesday (providing I can get a ticket to travel organised later today for Tuesday morning).  Meantime, please accept my apologies for this interruption without notice in the usual scheduled programming, and especially to new subscribers, who must have been wondering just what was going on.

More as soon as I can manage it; I've not been wasting the time here; I did manage to bring quite a few vids on a hard drive, I've been trying to get around to listening to for some time, so that I could make some more posts about the secret space programme, etc; so strap into your seats, because by mid next week latest, I will start covering what I've discovered!




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