Thursday, 2 February 2017


The global energy grid used/controlled by black projects exposed

Can I publish the photo above?
The one accompanied by "Self healing at work using my Egyptian power which you can see as a platinum bean shaped flare in front of me"
Yes on your site x keep it exclusive 😊
I haven't shared it with anyone outside of my friends n family circles x
N they don't share x
Also some more
Done :)
The layered energy grids surrounding upper planet atmosphere. This one is the communication grid. WiFi satellites radio TV aerials electric power to planet all natural energy that supports life to planet with the defence outer of electro magnetic field and firmament above giving natural source energy to everything below
This one is the haarp grid man-made. As you can see the energy running through is current based between all the equipment being used around the planet. This is the grid they use below communication grid that they tap into for mku montauk project bluebeam plus all the other secret programmes they are using on people. It's also a power source being used in emf elf and other weapons being used on people
You can see how used by the volume of current going through it
That current is very strong
The lower grid beneath the man made haarp mattress effect with the contamination from chemtrails that have risen to the upper grid and is being naturally dropped onto the lower grid with haarp running through the middle of them
Haarp is also being used in weather control manipulation
So is transferring the poison in looped energy between the grids and controlling it through the centre. Poison in gmo below being fed from poison above as well through the chemtrails
You can see the difference in the energy contained in the grids with how it is behaving as I uncloaked each one separately to photograph
And I can see too how they are harnessed and being misused. Chemtrails have been getting sprayed into the atmosphere since the 50s
This is how the built up particles look today. I have noticed over the years the mattress effect coming in. Gradually
I hope seeing what is there really helps for people who havent got gift of sight to also see what is being done to pangear. Earth's real name
Work with pangear code in meditation as well to tap in better minus time to over ride the mku harnessing
Advice x
To unhook
It also over rides the harnessed also being misused quantum energy that is also running through the upper grid of communication and natural electric energy 😊
The quantum computer runs from nasa
The fake ashtar command centre
It's a robot 🤖
Hope you can share that too j


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