Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Another mish-mash dump, all onto one page; nothing seems to be coming towards me in groups, atm:

"Colonel L. Fletcher Proudly spills the beans about how oil was deliberately, incorrectly classified as a fossil fuel, when in fact it is Abiotic. As such, it is replenished, naturally occurring source. Peak oil is a myth, or more accurately, a lie. Just like almost everything else the establishment ever told you."

Oil is not fossil fuel .. 

I was never sure about this claim, but I did not know the good Colonel backs up this claim.

Just in from TI SEC whistleblower @msrlw

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911

Next up, allegedly real footage of the Admiral Byrd expedition to Antarctica (I haven't had time to watch it myself to confirm that statement is true; dive in ahead of me).

Real footage of Admiral Richard E Byrd's secret expedition

Finally for this page, the CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK by the CIA on MAJOR American Cities, thwarted by Donald Trump's executive order ... If it wasn't for the source(s), I wouldn't have published, but Tom & Stew, are two of the most well connected 'bush-takedown' peeps on earth:

Trump Stopped Attack with Executive Order! Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan (1-30-17)

Onto a few tidbits:

Qtum raises $1m from leading blockchain entrepreneurs

Qtum, get researching along with me, because it seems like it might be a buy and hold ...

Finally found one of the best resources for those trading currencies, and it's this:

When news breaks about digital assets, it often breaks, on ethtrader first, apparently ... I have it open permanently as a tab now, and refresh it a few times per day.

Also on the same subject:

What are Gnosis Tokens? — the new access based token model

Another one to watch: Gnosis.  As you can see, thus far, with no market:

And a website, which for the entire planet, is down:

And that's all for today folks.


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