Thursday, 2 February 2017


And so, after a few reads through, and finally the penny dropping; an attempt to provide for fixed costs IN ADVANCE for blockchain asset issuers ... among other cool things:

"Gnosis is a platform. Network effects provide users of the platform with value, and ensure stickiness. As more people and projects build on Gnosis, the liquidity in markets will increase. Higher liquidity means greater platform utility for all users. Our token model should make it as attractive as possible for third party projects to build on Gnosis. Instead of building on a rent extracting platform, Gnosis makes it possible to make a one time purchase of a sufficient amount of GNO tokens and then use the generated WIZ tokens to pay for Gnosis fees. At a very basic level, GNO tokens function as fee credit (WIZ) generation machines. As a result, GNO tokens give access to the platform at a fixed cost, comparable to holding a license. GNO and WIZ will be ERC-20 compliant."

ERC-20 compliant = token transfers / can be / is compliant with ETHEREUM tokens (I think):

Which means it will appear in tools such as:

And can be stored, I thus assume, in ERC-20 compliant

Gnosis: I like the name, too <g>


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