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And so, a jumbled conversation I'll try turn into a simple tutorial ... just in case you fancied jumping in ahead of me; how to store you GNT off-exchange (and backed up to USB, by the looks of it)!

From the Trollbox ... 

"RKrich.1: Just my opinion, but i dont trust liqui. Whats to stop them from running away once there is a sharp spike in the cryptocoins?
RKrich.1: Too bad, wanted to buy gnt, but i am unsure whether my coins will be safe, and whether ill be able to sell the coins if and when the price does go up significantly!!!
spiller: RKrich.1, you buy here and transfer to your Ethereum wallet. you can open one with (free)

RKrich.1: spiller, how? elaborate? You can store golem in an ethereum wallet?
RKrich.1: has quite a number of bad reviews, btw
fd4rz4bus02t: RKrich.1, after you buy, pull your stuff off the exchange
fd4rz4bus02t: RKrich.1, just add the watch token
fd4rz4bus02t:, find the tokens Contract Address
fd4rz4bus02t: goto your ether wallet, watch token. put in the Contract address
fd4rz4bus02t: what i do is make a new account for every ICO/Token
RKrich.1: would love to know how to buy gnt from here and store it in ethereum wallet, step by step process. please advice.
Ceesjuh97: buy

Ceesjuh97: Create an ethereumwallet
Ceesjuh97: store your key on a usb or a place encryptred on your pc
Ceesjuh97: go to ethereum wallet
Ceesjuh97: copy the adress
Ceesjuh97: paste it in the widrawel at you gnt balance
Ceesjuh97: first test with not much
Ceesjuh97: and set
Ceesjuh97: widrawel is -
Bitcoinfan: TraderBill, do not post links to download
Ceesjuh97: send bitcoin first ofcourse
Ceesjuh97: RKrich.1, buy now
RKrich.1: store your key on a usb or a place encryptred on your pc?????
Ceesjuh97: Yes boy noy online
Ceesjuh97: on your pc is still not safe enough in most times
Ceesjuh97: with malware etc being more common
Ceesjuh97: when you open your wallet they present a key to you
Ceesjuh97: only one time"

Altcoin Trading: going pro with better trade accounting

Once you have enough capital at play in the market, the above would seem to be a no brainer (?).

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