Thursday, 16 February 2017


TI updates:

Nick Begich speaking in the UK; a great development, growing awareness in the UK!

Nick Begich "DARPA Is Testing New Mind Control Technology On Unwitting Civilian Victims."

In depth; and a great intro, to anyone new to this subject:

Citizen Neutralization using High Tech Weaponry with Dr Eric Karlstrom on WBB

Published on Feb 14, 2017

During this episode of Dr. Karlstrom´s ongoing series of lectures/interviews regarding gangstalking, asymmetric warfare or citizen neutralization, he begins with explaining how this ongoing program fits in with the Kennedy Assassination, 9-11 and the Phoenix program. He then dives deeply into revealing the agencies involved and the weaponry used. This is valuable information for someone who wants to understand the overall program (or on a personal level, what is happening to them). For more information go to and for the full series with Dr. Karlstrom (and other TI´s) go to Youtube´s pineconeutopia channel.

Bonus, understanding America:

No matter how much you forget, it's essential to keep reminding yourself; a huge proportion of the US 'adult' population is crazy insane, a much larger percentage than inside Europe, still (though that is changing, with the Muslim influx; expect a more crazy insane 'belief-system' crisis in Europe, too, in a decade or two).


Great list:

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