Tuesday, 10 January 2017


And so, backwards first (where to buy):


Welcome to Ukraine's best kept secret! :)

Found, as I've been researching, researching, researching all day to bring you a few posts over the days ahead on where to put your hard earned for HUGE profits ...

And as you can see, I do mean HUGE ... My first ever purchase, actual return 1364% in first six months!

And so, after my first six months in crypto-currencies, I went looking for where one could buy DIGITAL ASSETS I was interested in .... ASSETS note, not CURRENCIES .... an important distinction.

Long story short, I found the above exchange, because it's the ONLY place on EARTH listed via coinmarketcap.com where you can buy ETHEREUM blockchain assets, one unavailable elsewhere, namely the following two especially, that I've been taking a peek at ... much of this afternoon:

Meet your soon to be next best friend?  Renting out your HARDWARE, effortlessly, via blockchain:

Golem (GNT)

$0.014158 (14.18%)
0.00001553 BTC (12.52%)


Amount 500 GOLEM 
Price 0.00001600 BTC

The perhaps EASIEST to monitize bit of ETHEREUM split off into a project JUST focused on JUST THAT.  And focus = success, IMNSO ... And so .... the other coin I couldn't help but note, with an interesting potentially huge market potential (games for money; games of skill) ... Introducing:

Round (ROUND)

$0.001777 (6.87%)
0.00000195 BTC (5.39%)

Amount 676.85128205 ROUND
Price 0.00000195 BTC

Easy, quick, simple interface, no nonsense exchange (not as sophicated as polo by far yet) ....

But if you want as I did ROUND or GOLEM, two of the hottest picks on the ETHEREUM chain, that are priced at a price you can make 1000% or more with quite easily (and I am hoping for a rerun of my first six months or better with @InvestAltcoins (me!) ....

Just thought I'd let you know, as with GOLEM fast approaching just TWO CENTS an ASSET (remember, important, an ASSET, not just a COIN) ... and ROUND less than ten times that .... RIGHT NOW.

Why not take a 10 GBP/USD spin yourself, fellow traveler ...

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