Sunday, 22 January 2017


And so, after now a furious two weeks mal-investing, selling, re-investing, I've finally formed a settled view.

Out of the 14 assets currently available on the ETHEREUM platform, 15, including Ethereum (the digital asset, rather than network; the FUEL of the network, how one pays (or receives payment for something) ... I find only 3 of out of the 15 worthy of further serious investment at the moment.

Those four are as follows:

  1. Golem ($GNT)
  2. Iconomi ($ICN
  3. Ethereum itself ($ETH)

I am in the process of consolidating all the other assets into sold & invested in 1 & 2 above.

I've yet to (apart from when I first set out on 6th June 2016) invest in any Ethereum.  I'm continually trying to get around to it, but I'm in this now for the profit ... and I see more profit potential in GNT than any other project on the Ethereum blockchain (including Ethereum itself).

My current weightings:
#InvestAltcoins 22/1 pm 
  1. $GNT*
  2. $XMR
  3. $MAID***
  4. $LSK
  5. $WAVES
  6. $ARDR**
  7. $NXT**
  8. $LQD**
  9. $ICN**
*#ETH **#NXT ***#OMNI

Current exchange risk =

#Liqui      0.8712
#Polo       0.16757465
#bittrex    0.39044226

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