Saturday, 14 January 2017


And so, after a furious week genning up on the Ethereum blockchain digital asset class, and then investing a small sum (really, speculating, at this first dive in level): USD $400 / GBP thus far invested.

And here are the weightings across all class of investments:

By value (fiat) / number of coins held (rounded up or down to remove decimal places) also shown

$XMR                 75
$MAID          2,998
$GNT*        19,341
$LSK                999
$ROUND*  20,000
$VSL*              450
$SNGLS*      2,000
$BCP*           2,000
$YOC*          1,000
$ARDR          2,767
$NXT             1,056


Better layout, more info, accurate as of a few hours ago!

What Coins Heldbpctotal (btc)Total %GBP WhereBlockchain

Point to note; from the ETHEREUM blockchain digital assets, I'm by far currently most weighted in $GNT

If you only have to pick one; I'd INVEST (not trade) into Golem:

If it were two, the other, would be $ROUND mainly as a gamble ... high high speculative long position.  The why on that is because one can still acquire meaningfully huge quantities for tiny sums right now, and that's what I'm seeking on the blockchain, I hope to get lots from $GNT (and may consider continually acquiring more over the year ahead or so), and likewise, with $ROUND possibly.

You've got to be in it to win it.

NOTE: I do not give investment advice; invest at your sole risk as always!

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