Tuesday, 31 January 2017


And so, as the new years gets truly underway, back I hope to more regular posts.  The whole Trump inauguration thing, seemed to have put a pause on the world, and now, with the inauguration over, the world merrily marches back on at top kilter speed towards disaster.

First, some good news:

Fukushima Spent Fuel Debris Located


And it's not that the fuel was found, it's that (did you notice) the Russian MSM is now openly stating a truth this blog tried so hard to make into a known REAL REALITY: the reactor(s) went into the atmosphere, in the main.

Next up, one of the most clued up commentators on Military matters in the UK, in the alt-media (he's ex-royal Navy): I'll be giving this a listen asap.

UK Column News - 30th January 2017

All about the UK trained 'Free Syria Police'....

Then on to exopolitics.  Cory Goode we've covered our reservations elsewhere, and Wilcox ... well, it was me and others that had to get his famous 'mass arrests' organised, whilst he played around with his 'secret insiders information'.

That said, his heart seems to be obviously in the right place, even if he's in it for the money and for the fame, and cares less about passing on DISINFORMATION than he should.  Either way, it's out there, others told me I should listen to it, and I started to as I fell asleep last night:

David Wilcock | Corey Goode: Endgame II-- Antarctic Atlantis ET Ruins/ Cabal Rescue Plan

I do hold the belief that something is going on or has been discovered at the south pole, or at least, is being looked for ... as to whether David and Cory have the right track, I present, and let you decide.

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