Tuesday, 24 January 2017


And so, as I've been digging into the more esoteric IOU (I owe you) token market, essentially pre-market digital assets, I thought I'd better mention at least two serious players I'm definitely interested (but not yet invested) into.  Those two digital assets are:

  • Wings
  • Descent
Both IOU markets at present, both available for purchase via liqui.com

Wings I first came across and really liked, many months ago, but then I forgot all about it.  The way to think about WINGS would be to consider it as a sort of cross between CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM ON THE BLOCKCHAIN, and a 'stock market' for those projects, once/if launched via WINGS.  A competitor to Waves, quite possibly, though there are some areas that do not seem to overlap.  If you missed Waves ico, but want exposure to this type of market, WINGS, may be the better choice (?):

And as you can see, they seem to have a specialism in Distributed Autonomous Organisations :) 

Wings (WINGS)

$0.044073 (1.65%) 
0.00004799 BTC (2.17%)

DESCENT I only just came across and only so far, have read this, about it:

But I sort of like the idea; if it can and will gain traction, I'm less sure about.  But I'm ....

digging further into DESCENT to make a decision about it, asap.

Wings, I think atm I will definitely invest in.

Please note, investing in IOU's is even more risky than investing in crypto 'proper' (i.e. coins/assets/tokens, already exchange traded POST launch).

That said, this is exactly why these OIU markets interest me; less risk than an ico possibly, but still hellishly risky to invest in; with consummate rewards, I hope, for those that do; BIG profits, if the project(s) make it off the drawing board.  Notably WINGS has already published an alpha site:


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