Tuesday, 17 January 2017


And so, as we enter the new year, this page answers the question, who does  The White Rabbit TRUST online ... the nearest thing in the crypto-currency world to asking the question; who should I bank with, because if you wish to move into the new digital blockchain economy, it's a question you have to KEEP asking, as the markets move, and exchanges come into existence, and spectacularly too often, go out of business, at a moment's notice. BE WARNED; holding funds online ANYWHERE, is risky, but with crypto-currencies there are no BAILOUTS (save once, so far; The Ethereum DAO (via the Ethereum hardfork).

Never the less, next following: where do I currently hold my wealth (now all held on blockchain(s):

Those four exchanges are as follows:


Accounts are FREE to open at all of those exchanges, too :)

I worked it out yesterday; around 1,500 GBP I hold now in blockchain assets, total GBP held = 60

You get the picture, get into BLOCKCHAIN ASSETS, and BIG :)

My current weightings: number of coins shown:

ASSET    NO.HELD      Percentage

$XMR  85.18772309  48.00
$MAID  2998         17.60
$GNT  14440.357      12.37
$LSK  1098.07568      9.16
$WAVES  250                   3.36
$ROUND 17,344           1.47
$VSL  450.5282963    1.20
$SNGLS  2000           1.07
$BCP  2000           0.82
$YOC  1000           2.63
$ARDR  2,766.67           1.63
$NXT  2258.7           0.69
$LQD  37.8           0.29

Grab ANY cash, no matter HOW SMALL, you have to GET GOING **NOW**


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