Friday, 27 January 2017


And so, a long long time ago, in a world far away, I hung out with the worlds best cryptographers, doing financial cryptography, and they all stored their wealth in a place I visited a few years ago only to find it had shut down to be replaced no less than by alternative AND BETTER ways of catching mice!

Don't be shy now

Get YOUR account open NOW
  • Free account opening
  • lifetime membership available (cost me around USD $64); lifetime referral/trading fees slice
  • decentralised, but ORGANISED via Scandinavia; sound laws, stable democracy.


Don't be LAZY get LUCKY :)

Take the about 15 minutes once you've taken two minutes and signed up, to quickly read the very short introductory manual; don't worry if you don't understand the more complex aspects, I didn't either, first read through!  But, where-as many seek the holy grail of a decentralised exchange; you just got your account (you did, didn't you?!?!) ... with one of the worlds few WORKING RIGHT NOW decentralised exchanges.

Top Tips

Part of the fees from the exchange feed into the digital asset OBITS.

Why not as a STRATEGY, sigh up and refer your friends and family to this super-secure way of holding and trading digital assets, earning your way into owning OBITS: earnings from the decentralised exchange!

Obits (OBITS)

$0.060122 (13.95%)
0.00006539 BTC (12.40%)

Note carefully again I distinguish between owning CURRENCIES and digital ASSETS; obits = asset because it has this quality of receiving (and I assume thus distributing) INCOME RECEIVED from a TRADING BUSINESS.


As at 9th August 2017:


$0.968608 (15.12%) 
0.00028815 BTC (17.77%) 
6.42 BTS (23.54%)


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