Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Massive dump, rather than lose the intel; most of these, are too significant not to post!

Jeff Rense & William Tompkins - Underground Tunnels & New UFO Physics

Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with 'Mental Disabilities'

And guess which European Union, is already moving towards cashless society ...

The European Union Initiates Cashless Society Project

And everyone is only ever one doctors pen-stroke from being diagnosed 'mentally ill'.

Moving on, but staying on health ... Now available! 

Russian Quantum Leap technology enhances RNA/DNA, cures diseases, stops Bio hacking

"Published on Dec 10, 2016

Now declassified & available online at! Russian Quantum Leap technology enhances RNA, DNA & health, cures diseases (e.g. diabetes, cancer 2), stops Bio-hacking/TI targeting
By Alfred Lambremont Webre

Quantum Leap, available from:


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FDA DISCLAIMER [USA]: Content on Quantum Leap apps is for reference purposes and is not a substitute for advice from a licensed health-care professional. You should not rely solely on this content, and Wave Genome and MindTech Enterprises assumes no liability for inaccuracies. Always read directions before using a product. Statements regarding products and services have not been evaluated by the FDA, and these products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition."

And moving back to Antarctica ... We have tunnels, and now possibly, cities:


Dark Occultism: A Theosophist is asked if Adepts are Demons or ‘Spirits of Light’


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