Friday, 16 December 2016


Sometimes, even though world news, or soon to be, I record here, what I consider, personal victories.

"Child sex victims offered tens of millions of pounds compensation over 'industrial scale' abuse in children's homes

 Robert Mendick, chief reporter
15 DECEMBER 2016 • 5:40PM

Child sex abuse victims angered by the Government’s crisis-ridden £100m official inquiry have published their own report, identifying 60 individuals it claims were paedophiles and detailing a cover-up by authorities.

The evidence compiled by the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (Sosa) prompted Lambeth Council in London to offer compensation to thousands of children in its care over 30 years.

The payments expected to total tens of millions of pounds will be made to all children put at risk of ‘industrial scale’ physical and sexual abuse, regardless of whether they were actually assaulted."

Justice brought to 7,000 British people at a time ... leaves me quite literally speechless.


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Now bringing justice to THOUSANDS at a time; WHOLE AREAS of the UK, getting cleaned up ...

Faster AND FASTER!!!!!!!!!!


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