Monday, 19 December 2016

Third Reich Technology and Antarctica Alien's

Did the Nazi Scientist's and Third Reich have contact with Alien's and given technology? There are rumour's abound that Hitler was an alien micro-chipped hybrid/cyborg. As unbelievable as that may is an interesting film documentary that highlight's the secret missions before and after ww2.

Another interesting link to this ongoing story and saga,,,,the Arc de Gabrielle.,,,which has been in the Saudi's keep since it was re-discovered, was taken to Antarctica by the Russian's no less....under satellite and armed guard.

It is claimed attempts were made to open it, at the location it was buried, and a plasma charge emitted from the vessel twice. Killing many people above ground in it's path. Officially....the Saudi's blamed 'a stampede' on the 400 plus death's that resulted from the second attempt, and no explanation was given for the death's following the 1st attempt at opening the casket ! 

Given that the Nazi's (and their secret society) are heavily embroiled and dedicated to the Occult and it's histories this deepen's the mystery further into what exactly are they keeping from the rest of the World at the Antarctic ! 

One thing is for sure....they haven't got a 'shoot to kill' policy in place there for 'trespassers by land or air' for nothing !! Would be interesting to read other's thoughts on this deep mystery ! 



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