Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Two important updates, if you only have time for the first, it's the most important by far; Richard Alan Miller is being taken out by Artificial Intelligence ... and he explains that's via AMAZON.  If unaware, AI is now providing 20% of the search results YOU PERSONALLY USE each day ... are you in control of your own mind, or is the hidden algorythms of Google, Amazon, etc, now directing WITHOUT YOU  REALISING your thoughts, your FLOW OF RESEARCH etc, etc.

Feet to the Fire: Richard Alan Miller A.I. Oppression

The next audio, Simon Parkes  interview: EMP is what he thinks they're able to pull, AND ARE PLANNING FOR, so if the power goes down, how would you cope?  Prepare to survive!

Dec 9 2016 Simon Parkes Out of This World interview with Ted Mahr

You need a way to keep eating and drinking, minimum, when the power is down (and don't forget electricity down = gas down) and STERILIZE WATER; the two basics.  If you don't have one, a basic camping stove is what you need to be able to heat yourself (through hot drinks) and cook food (and sterilize water!).


As time is short, for those unaware of the statement's made, this video/audio = the very basics in summary form of the message from one contactee (a very famous one in UFO circles):

The race from Alpha Draconis

Scary stuff!   But one of the few people to ever speak about the fact humans are being eaten; is he right?  I can only point out his claim has been consistent, over the course of approximately two decades.


Oxford PHD Katherine Horton "Intelligence Agencies Are Attacking Me With Direct Energy Weapons!"

The above video, confirms what I was saying back between 3rd-9th May 2014 (during torture) over a tap to my local police; the UK's physics departments are being manipulated.  And here, two years after I said it, what do we have the living breathing truth about: UK physics researcher ... FLEEING THE UK.

UK physics brain-drain .... CONFIRMED


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