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As we all know the need for the Kings of Heaven to deceive us all is clearly present in the writings of every sect of feuding scribes.  The Great hidden meanings and true mind of the Kings of Heaven however is shown once one begins to understand the language of the Paleo-Hebrew thatis not standard Hebrew and when the language is understood the true story begins to unveil a genealogy  that begins with Yahweh and his son Micheal who uses part of his name Heylel to deceive and destroy his own followers and this is shown in Holy Masonic Rituals when in the presence of Micheal the Holy Angel who stands with his son Lucifer and who opens Heaven to reveal Yahweh the Father. Yahweh told them to also build their own sons and keep the origins secret which is mentioned in the Hegelian Crown Scribal writings and again when one is being taught Masonic Genealogies or Malak genealogies.
I have met these powers of the Masonic Order many times throughout my life and forced Journey and when viewing the lodge systems one will learn the Royal Order United Grand Lodge of England post the name Yahweh on the Lodge . The next lower Masonic Body is the  Scottish Rite Shrine of Lucifer and then the shrine of G-Zeus who commands the York Rite and then the branch lodges and occult sects.
This aliasing of their names is how they are producing all these terrible times for people because inside they are divided and all rotten and infectious in the heart which causes the unwanted evil to pour into anyone who says a prayer to any of the liars mentioned in any prophetic text.
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Michael is the head of the United Grand Lodge of England, The Royal Masonic Order and all common lodge Shrines and Freeemason Halls . It is Micheal who causes these relegious conflicts and wars for simple amusement.
Rituals that I have attended with Micheal  explains his 3 inner pillars which are named Malak Heylel, Michael and Heylel aliased Lucifer. So Micheal is Lucifer who is the fallen son and who carries the morning star which is the Masonic Orders all Seeing Eye also lowered in the Holy Masonic Ritual.
Micheal is also the great angel who says not to rebuke not to rebuke Satan and in another verse Micheal says he will be the killer of his brother Satan… we see now Micheal is insane and is the Holy Spirit.
Other alias names of Micheal are shown in Degree 32 to be Mecca and Hale which send light to the Holy Micheals Islamic Royals in Arabia. The 33 Degree Masters are taught this as I was and we are shown the powers of Micheal and his insanity and love and lust for war and terror.
The Paleo Hebrew and English scribes translations reveal Michael is the author of  opossing scribal text that includes Jesus-Zeus Christ and Yahuwshua the AntiChrist and the Holy words of Allah in the Quran.
So again we see through the actions of Michael and words spoken by his saints and the actions of his saints as wicked as they are that Michael is an evil spirit who sided with Zerubbabel to write the Bible and to decieve the nation and to cause the nations to be at Holy War with one another.
Michaels Holy Masonic Light shows us as Masons the rest of the world is blinded to Holy Masonic realms in the spirit and we are shown countless times when we break the Holy Masonic Oath we are targeted and attacked by the servants of the Holy Spirit who are shown false light and lies designed to use the Holy Witch Burner Christians to accuse and destroy those who reject the lies of the Holy One who is again Michael Heylel who is Lucifer.
If you do not believe this to be true read Novus Ordo 9-11 and The Ordered Fall Of America and follow the Degree Scale I wrote into the 33rd Degree and on into the secret degrees you will learn if you desire to speak of the Holy Michaels Masonic Order you will be attacked by Holy himself and his brother Malak and countless gods,demons, and Hallaleljua Christians and Holy Islamics.
The 3 pillars of Masonry symbolize the center persona, the right and the left hand undertakings and the center whcih reflects  a total view of the psych. This is how we are taught to view and this is what we find in societies languages we study mentioned above.

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