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This page will give you examples of words that enslave you and can be used to alienate and kill you…….
Paleo Hebrew is the root language I found to be closest to the original language. If you want free translation software write to  site owner who offered me a free copy of the translation software.
Satan uses its name Saan which is also phonically Son and when the word sequence “My Son I Love you is spoken from a father to a male child Saan -satan becomes the spirit of that Child causing a reproduction of what Yahweh is Malaking Tasovithed Hasatan.
A Check……A Chuck….Chuck…..Charles….all summon and pull into the citizen victims Chevuks which are Guardian Demon Pan Men human predators that are pictured in the United Grand Lodge of Engalands Coat of Arms. These chevuks are childkillers and have attacked me more than once and they have killed countless citizens who offered to help me with this website and the protection of myself.
Assure will summon Assurian who is photoed outside the Temple of the Scottish Rite in Washington, D.C.  that can and will attack you. The God Assurian can be formed as a man a woman and a lion or both all in one mutation abomonation.
Bible translates to Yahwehs Malak Zerubabbel aliased also Beelzebub
DAY is short form for Demon and so is DA and AVDO and I DO
House Of God translates to Yahwehs Hasatan AV God Dagon the Dragon. You can as other freemasons test these phrases and you better be ready to be damn injured and possibly killed. Best of luck to the brave who will obey and test the spirits-spheres spinning in the chaotic heart of our demon possessed father burning in his Temple in Heaven.

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