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“House  Of God Set In” is the first phrase I heard when walking into this Church also called Hasatans Temple of God . Micheal Aquino like myself knows the meanings of these words and also knows we both learned them from Holy Micheal the pure one who needed to reveal to others his true evil nature and also that his agents would be hidden in his holy light until his Holy desires had been fulfilled in the lifes of his Holy servants which was absolute desolation and death to these Church members.
All things have been led astray and lost in translation………….
The tricks are all in the language and this can be come  one deadly lesson the Holy Masonic Order will teach you if you attempt to enlighten the non masonic select and secret masters.  These secret meanings of words used in this church and in the preachers mouth  caused countless deaths and injuries and chaos and confussion to citizens and Church members and still today the evil fires through this church in the forms of accussations about others such as myself who personally had to drive Micheal Aquino out of our community to ensure he and his operative human predators and pedophiles were no longer near any of my family members and other innocent citizens whom this man had intellectually overtaken, captivated and used to cause terror to other citizens again such as myself.
Holy Micheal who owns and operates the United Grand Lodge of England and who controlls all the Holy Light has proven to me once again that he is a liar whom misapplies light and causes honest citizens to be seen for what they are not and then blinds the church members to ensure wolves can enter into the Church and use Gods and demons to impale citizens and hook them on Holy Masonic Order controlled cocaine which is what I was also shown could be done to citizens to steal their hard earned money which also was the fate of this Churches members.
Higher Degree Select and Secret Degree Masters students such as myself who were told Micheal Aquino would be used in this Church as an experiment  who were taught more of the secret spiritual meanings of the English-InLeash language were targeted to be murdered and were stalked and poisioned with neurotoxins to ensure we would never be able to protect our own nor ourselves from this terror Holy Micheal had writen by his scribes in 2 opposing revelations one being the Yahuwshua  Disclosure and the 2nd being the Holy Revelations.
The Original names Yahweh placed upon his Malak you should study and you will find these Malak names and demons names are incorperated on the cover of the Holy Bible and all throughout the prayers and common language and when the powers of Masonry are threatened at any degree higher degree secret masters are activated and assigned to the areas in which their information has been leaked and they are used to sublimely cause citizens to kill themselves and others or to destroy the oppositions names through blame shifting and conflict engineering.
We live in 666 which is the age of Masonic Slave God Zeus Jesus Christ who is also the son of Micheal and who is the brother of Yahuwshua who was ordered by Micheal to 666 title Zeus Jesus .
How blind this Church was to the United Grand Lodge of Englands Chief Malak-Angel Micheals Masonic ally Designed Slave  Michael Aquino and a legion of Gods and Demons that included the Chevuks-Cherubs  that are “Child Pedophiles, Killers and human energy predatoors .
The church members were advised by me in 1997 and then Yahwehs son Micheal who is Halleluja and the Holy Spirit and Light-Day Star decided to lift the light as we are shown  during Masonic Degree Rituals with the so desired Holy evil ones remaining and me then becoming the target of the the church members who began calling me out in the evenings to drink with them and for me to ingest sexual arousal drugs and then to call the police to me and to have me accussed of Harrasemnt and countless other things I was never guilty of. A curse befell this church and the members and they suddenly were destroyed and we delivered unto the terror they caused me and were the ones then arrested.
The members of the Church are citizens who call  others out in the evenings saying to them they should attend civilized social functions that are in reality substance abuse parties and the effects of the exposure of this Church body under the influence of Holy Micheal Aquino proved to be near fatal to me and was fatal to countless Church members and especially people whom the Demon Possessed church members allured out and into deadly snares in which the Church members blamed upon their victims.
I was told in 1994 to be prepared for Micheal Aquino who was to enter into their Church and who would be teaching these people and also that these church members would become demons and this is exactly what they became.
Micheal Aquino was taught by the Holy Angel Micheal the secret meanings of the words in the Bible which includes  Zerubabbel is aliased Bible who is God and this is also taught in the 1st degree of Micheal Aquinos Temple of Set and was writen in the words of the Yahuwshuans by the Angel Micheal who is also involved in this Holy Evil also spoken Helelluja meaning Malak Heylel-Micheal endwell and cause to be and to exist my sight my blindness and your desires which in this case proved to be absolute terror, confussion and death to and through Church members who did attack and accuse me following my visit to their Chruch which is another 666 G Zeusian Temple of Biblezebubian demanders also demons who will  attack you and accuse you as they are unknowlingly Masonically coded to do and the deaths they through their own prayers and actions cause themselves they will blame on you one who told them in the Church they are facing an Antichrist named Micheal Aquino.
This has become a legal Issue for Micheal Aquino and his group and other AntiChrist Groups who are also allowed the power to degree 100 a Child from the Church which means to absordb the energy of and to make the child as mentioned in U.G.L.E. , Scottish Rite designed Aliester Crowleys writings in the text Magik in Theory and Practice which I was shown the after effects of and the living energy sphere human form slaves which were mostly Childern the enslaved and Molest which I was personally invited to take part in by Micheal of the United Grand Lodge of England who is the Holy Angel and Aquino and when I refused and rejected these people I was attacked  by Holy Spirits and even members of their Church and others Church leaders which included 2 family members of mine  who are Preachers who called me Paranoid and Delussional and demanded I be sent to the local asylum to be force fed condemned deadly psych meds and in this Central State Hospital I again was met with Masonic Novus Ordo Gods and Demons who had been given instantly paperwork proving they were qualified medical providers yet they in reality were friends and mentor child killer friends of Micheal Aquino the Preacher and Scottish Rites favored Christian Killer.
Scottish Rite in this area has designed these members of their Order Gods and inside these Gods are Demon energy Sphere Human Clones as William Cooper wrote in Behold a Pale Horse this man is now a victim of these powers and  so are others who read my findings and Masonic Order Intel which excedes William Coopers. I sat in my office after demanding Micheal Aquino be shown for who he was in the Church and after Micheal saw he was clearly shown he fled but with the intentions of killing me and other witness church members whom I have seen also killed.
Washington County Georgias Sheriff Thomas Smith was advised of this and has failled to arrest and has allowed the escape of the greatest criminal in this Nation to date and caused me to remain a primary target of these non human -human predator masonic designed toys whom entertain the Holy Father.
Thomas Smith the Sheriff and the City Police were advised to shift the investigation up the Novus Ordo Spec Nation LEC Chain and this is where the Investigations Masonically are corupted and never finialized.
My Questions are did the Church hear and see this was an AntiChrist in the Church assigned by Holy to addict and consume the human energy of and to molest and pedophile the Childern of as Holy has instructed his favored who is not me to do again to a Holy Christian Child whom Gods most evil had been appointed to care for and to embrace in the Children Nursery in which he had been given full access to by The DIVINE POWERS OF GOD AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.
We at Formerfreemasons were never the pedophile types and we would like to hear from Sandersville United Methodist Church members on this Human Predator Preacher Micheal Aquino and to see if they have names of those whom I know to be Gods and Demons in the Church and community working to bring about the deaths of those who oppose and those who can see and the kids that may have been molested in the Church Nursery which is what I heard and based on what they said to Masonic me in private this was the agenda which they tried to kill me over repeating after meeting homosexual Scottish Rite Child Pedophiles in this area that were designed ritually by the Scottish Rite a group that fucks children in the ass , mouth and head.
Beware these damn types can turn those whom seek to send light to you and to protect you in your mind into the evil whom you must work to destroy and all the while they are the ones who are killing your loved ones and molesting and preying on kids in the Church from the pulpit with the Holy One Heylel absorbing the light to ensure the victims are created and killed.
Please send any intel to
We will investigate this and ensure these type Holy Child Killers are not to escape as Sheriff Thomas Smith has allowed and even has allowed Chevuks to become Sheriff Dept. Deputies on Guard at the court house last I saw. The Chevuks say outwardly we are GODS and in this is hidden a curse which I endured and others did not endure but were overtaken and killed as they are being today in that community and in those circles.   Holy ?


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