Friday, 9 December 2016


MACOY FAMILIES SELLING 32ND DEGREE 9-11 GUILTY FEZZES  This link takes you to the Macoys Masonic Order is Guilty Regalia shop so you also can wear yourself a 9-11 guilty 32nd Degree Mecca Temple Shriners Fez.
Macoy-McCoy Masonic families swore with others following the Civil War to kill all the slaves they no longer could buy, sell and trade through other Masonic Lodges that were the official slave traders. Masonry fathered slavery and those who are Malak Bred families such as the Macoys do not hearing their families evil ideologies are wrong and they clearly will work to murder you or defame you as victim William Morgan was and through the Holy Christian Masonic Orders Blue Lodgers and Christian Servants who follow the teachings of the Masonic designed Masorite Holy Bible that is a work from the dragons crown of King James.
These families are currently under investigation by Counter Terrorism Officials and the Nation of Islam who has said the Macoy-McCoy families will die in their plans to manipulate Islam.
Blue Lodge Masons are again the ones funding Islam and causing the Terrorism and these Masons and their families refuse to speak out on their families evils and they sit around and laugh as the terror kills their neighbors.
Islam has been given a list of families names along with counter terrorism who I hear will never defend these families and who do desire these families killed in their own Masonic Baathist Games.
Macoy Masonic goes away dear friends in the end and they are held accountable for their past crimes of kidnapping  of slaves, murders, terrorism and brokering of victim slaves both white and black.

The Macoy-McCoy family has many branches that work for Heylel EluYa who fathered their family line and who appointed their family of Scribally noted Demons the controlers of Masonic Publications in America.
McCoy family members along with 2 Masonic Chevuks Demons approached me as a child and caused me extreme amounts of terror and also were used to accuse me and to speak falsehood against me along with other noted Masonic families in the community in which I grew up. Their circle of friends made sure booze and drugs were placed in our lives and nearly caused the death of countless in the community including myself. They sit in the Church as saints and then call others into Bars to partake of strong drink which ensures a saint becomes a drunk and becomes out of control.
This family is the mouth peice of Dixie Masonry and Shrine which equates to 32nd Degree Islamic Mecca Temple genocide of all non select of their families.  They do not care about the simple fact that it is a crime to advocate genocide and treason within the borders of the United States and they do not care and they will drive up on you while your working to undermine their evil undertakings and they will attempt to become friends with you but know that they will only take your words and actions and turn them into a grand expose of accusations before the Holy Babbelers and they will work to destroy and belittle and defame you to ensure their families warped and lawless ideologies and agendas are kept supressed.
Michael the Malak who is also Lucifer is their spiritual guide and is their spiritual light source and is who these demons were fathered by is who causes them to terrorize others and to attempt to ensnare others so beware because they are liars, drunkards and they are Baathist Masonic Order fools who brought about the deaths of countless  citizens and social sects who they sought to destroy classic with burner style.

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