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And so just a week or two's focus on learning better linguistics and semantics .... existing terminology, allowing us to potentially tie things together, more INTUITIVELY, rather than (or as well as?) logically?

There's a HUGE amount in the below; soak it up!

well i just performed some magic last night and you will see the pyramids letting go of some spectacular energy :)
across the planets all over the universe :)
help will be on its way
now i know why i was zigzagging so quickly through the dimensions!!
lets just say that two certain people who kissed outside a hotel the second time around have erm...changed things. its no longer about timing and signs....its completely all about....the energy !
and there is no time in space....only energy :)
no wonder he was laughing when he said to me the first time he came to me....that i didnt know who i really am !! and i was told off by angel uriel who told me in no uncertain terms....i am not an angel .... and much higher than that ! lol.
now i know what he meant too
i shall message on mega as its not safe on here !! too many pedo eyes looking on !!
aha!! you guys will definitely be interested in this they are trying to hijack consciousness rising and are entrapping people into the false ashtar command centre !!!
how in yoga...etherical training etc everyone is being taught to think of their auras etc and the energy around us in this way to tap into to raise to a higher level of consciousness !!
it is how they are identyfying so many people and also tapping into their wavelengths !!
i did not realise it is NOT common knowledge of how the radiating energy from earth appears and how it is kept secretly hidden by the people at the top of the secret societies....the truth !!
the radiating energy from earth is PYRAMID shaped and spins so quickly it gives off a circular symbol. people are encouraged to think circular to be in tune with earth in their energy ! yet this symbol is a lie. its how we are harnessed and 'fed from'
thats why pyramids are even on the planet as they work in TUNE...literally,,,,with earths natural energy and give off a radiating energy that helps earth. the truth of this knowledge of harnessing OUR energy can be found all over the place....the star symbol for example....its in symbol surrounded by pyramids with a pentagon or hexagram centre. when folded up in terms of ENERGY gives you the pyramid !! and the knowledge of the in your face....mind kontrol mechanisms that have ruled for thousands of years already !
they teach circular etheric through various age,,,,christinity....all the religions in fact....but as they in your face tell you...on their enslaving dollar bill full of the secrets of slavery....the pyramid with the all seeing eye inside a circle.. not an OVAL (oval office for a reason...its the secret of the truth that earth is conical / OVAL / EGG shaped and this knowledge of truth is only shared at the very top of the secret societies and is one that not many people will even know about)
and the pyramid KNOWLEDGE where the capstone has left the energy...the RISING of energy....the RISING of consciousness through the INNER EYE....that the pyramid IS the symbol emanating from planet and giving off the circular symbol in its motion as it interweaves and revolves....
KNOWING this TRUTH frees your MIND and your CONSCIOUSNESS letting you ASCEND. its how i have ALWAYS worked and believe me...i know this truth and its real. this is what they have really dumbed down in the secret societies to OPPRESS US. I just assumed a lot of people already knew this truth. did you two?? :)
to ascend you have to BE IN TUNE WITH MOTHER EARTH completely !!! :)
the pyramid energy cannot be tapped into or harnessed....ONLY USED au naturelle !! free every sense of the word !
to ascend and by pass the fake ashtar command central.....imagine a pyramid around you and set it off spinning....a lot of people when they begin to meditate are TAUGHT to focus on the inner DOT...that is CIRCULAR....(i just found out this recently when i was locked up during a meditation group session with a master of reiki with us holding it).....myself and my friends since being little....(alas many of them are dead now though :(...) always focused on the inner TRIANGLE of inner source energy !!! the collective consciousness from this is very very powerful indeed !! it goes FROM triangular TO circular as your energy focuses and begins to rotate with the energy that is naturally around you. You can literally see it change shape in your inner consciousness....and it is how i do WAKING ASTRALS as well....
hmmm have either of you ever tried this or been aware of it??
if not...may be worth trying yourself and see if it raises your own consciousness HIGHER than you have been so far ??!!
i dont use drugs in any way shape or form to raise to high altitudes. i tend to find they give a false altered state of awareness / consciousness. so i can honestly say....give it a go and see if it makes any difference how you ENTER the upper realms !! :)
and other dimensions !!
your consciousness works sublimly / secretly with knowledge always....knowing the truth i think will help people to free themselves. its a very jealously guarded secret within secret societies. and even though ive read about what ex masons etc have spoken about....ive yet to read / watch alistair crowley yet....but.....just this picture alone...
he is wearing the knowledge of 'sight' as a TRIANGLE on his head.....and his arms ...the symbols of 'armed with the knowledge of the tree of knowledge and the tree of wisdom....his hands clenched symbolising he holds the secrets of the knowledge in his palms...his thumbs....the hooks of how he hooks the energy from knowing the knowledge.
the two pillars of knowledge in masonry....with the third pillar that he wears on his head as a hat...of magic and ascension knowledge...above those two pillars, looking over them !! his thumbs pointing UPWARDS that he uses that knowledge to RISE UP.
simply explained.
on the dollar is an open eye without the hook beneath. claiming loud and clear.....they already have the knowledge of energy hooking....and 'spirit cooking'
the reverse triangle effect in they use the triangle in plain sight so your eyes/brain sees it....and processes it without even thinking about it. how they encourage inner CIRCLE keep you entrapped inside the triangular energy...circling at the speed to give off the symbol of circle....and encourage CIRCULAR orientated meditation....with the static triangular symbols around you holding you DOWN. its what they use in rituals by the way....and keeps the victims in their grasp. if that explains what is happening a little more clearer?? thats why occultists who use this magicK (the k for kontrol) use it on people to isolate them....abuse them through...etc. its how they misuse the shadow beings on other dimensions to 'attach' to etherics and 'feed from them' unknowingly in many cases !! using the triangular energy is a defence against them through thought and inner magic control. raises the defence mechanism and field around you. ive always used it naturally without thinking about it....and it works...just thought i woul
would share that bit of info !! and that it helps understand some things a bit more clearer?? still reading the jewish stuff still at the moment. will get round to reading crowley etc. i keep having to break off to im having to do a lot of defense magic while reading it so it doesnt taint my own inner defences. the symbolism in words even etc contained within are formulated to attack and lower defences !!
and invite and invoke unwanted spirits around you. so be careful wont you !!
and im still being forced through this energy ritual.... its like its an inner program of some kind !!! very difficult to fight as its embedded deeply in brain too ! :( but at least im aware of it !!
when they re-rolled written education out before unleashing the technology again...all i will honestly say is....they were very very well prepared for a system of dumbdown through those channels, completely !!
they are difficult to break when you are preprogrammed with them from an early age through mainstream education !! and being a good are more susceptible to the MKU contained in those systems alone with learning the symbolic enslaving without even thinking about it....and find it harder to shift from (which also impedes ascension through consciousness and being more in tune with your own inner gifts / magic) thats why you tend to find those at the top of power needing 'specialists' in everything they have power over...and not being very knowledgeable about the actual chemistry of what they are financing...(as in the case of hillary care fraud) but understanding it in monetary they know the secrets of entrapment through occultist paths..make connections with like minded etc... and instead....learn that !!! and that truth IS the truth !!
no wonder they are all shocked they actually have voted in a man who knows what he is talking about in the business sense....and not through an occultists puppeteer mouth! i shoud imagine its bringing quite a shake up to the american false idology system !!

And ..

There's MOAR!

Got it, will get the above live asap
You're doing *GREAT* kazzy; explaining in ways that make sense to a dumb-smuck like me much better ...
Keep on hitting those books/sites every second spare you have .... better language/semantics already showing ... 100% improvement min :)
you,re welcome. and oh...they have definitely been using time travel and dimensional travel through the ages. i can even recognise instances of it in the scriptures !! very clearly documented but in some cases....presented as 'dreams'....which is also an absolute FAVORITE terminology path of the pederest occultist enslavers and murderers.... and is an underlying and much used one by them still even today !! to have a child say who is not aware of generic sexual language and acts until usually much older, and completely not aware in satanic rituals, of the very ancient languages they use in the oral parts....its a favourite of theirs to tell a child and those families of that child...that it must have been a bad dream or a nightmare !! they have even used the dream jargon in the scriptures to explain foresight and even documented dimensional / time find out things to write and warn about.
the truth of the knowledge of what is REALLY happening...and has been happening for a long kept in the hierachy of secret keyholders etc.
its why you REALLY have the vatican city in the symbol of KEYHOLE as throughout ancient history as is WRITTEN and also symbolically the power over the knowledge of ALIEN existence...and how they have always been on planet ruling over us...(termed the WATCHER families) and how they have kept that power over us too !!
as i said on planet is not new and recent....its always been here and very very cleverly HIDDEN. i get called crazy for saying it...but its there in plain sight even in the ancient world...the MODERN world, and especially in the neocon world of science , astrology and yes...medicine too (mental health) is actually helping them in many ways in dumbing down THE TRUTH rather than unveiling it. The age of REVELATIONS which we are currently living in....really is in each of our own hands. The truth really IS stranger than fiction. and you cannot always rationalise or physically show the truth around us !! needing physical / metaphysical explanation for what holds you back your own ascension paths and potential. Lets hope it never gets to the point where a thought alone...that you can neither explain OR touch can manifest itself without you needing to orally share it....from your brain like a projector !! and yes...there are beings in existence that CAN do that and have that inner tech in them...ive seen them !! and we really dont ever want humans to be robotic like that in any way...because has to end somewhere....and LIFE as a sentient souled human has to begin somewhere too !! i do believe...we are on the very cusp of those two rivalling agendas in this timeline and now on earth !! and yes...we really do have a fight on our hands to remain HUMAN. ❤
that information is also relevant in the battle for earth and HUMANS live j !!


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