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  1. All about could map the cards,as personalities,on Learys"interpersonal circle."
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    u dont have to know the kabbalah to use this idea,its found in other maps.The ideas are sensible.
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    Sounds like hokey,I know,but it is a system to understand forces,archtypes,and such-accord to a structure.
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    The reason why it works,somehow,is remnants of them in all human subcon.
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    But it does have Gods and Demons too.These are archtypes that can be used in cerimonial mangic.
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    Too much Mars gets you,racists.Understand?Its a filing cabinet,kabbalah.
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    Too muuch Jupiter,for example(without Mars) is Santa gone wrong-eg-Germany's migrant issue.
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    Venus is on "the pillar of mercy" eg-too much coddling,not enough "pillar of severity."
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    I would say,a working to produce unbalanced venus-gets SJW,children with no commons sense,etc
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    This is what you get when you have too much venus,not enough mercury(intellect of a sort)-sound familar?
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    The minor cards,represent what 7s are below Kether(heaven)-unbalanced forces(lacking mercury-pillar)
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    The demon of netzatch,the ravens of dispersion-would be evoked to bring(opposite of Love)-breaking apart
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    Possible attributed,to war using the unbalanced cards(as result).
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    Each of the these worlds,has one minor card in cups-the ones I put above.Only the middle pillar is stable
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    It would be the 7's in each of these world,which are unbalanced,not being the middle pillar.
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    This is the realm of the base emotions.
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    7 Netzach—The 4 Sevens,energy ofelements are now weak and unbalanced.illusary world of Venusin play here.
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    Order of Qliphoth: A’arab Zaraq (Dispersing Ravens) (Venus)
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    (7)Discs: Failure (Saturn in Taurus) (#)
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    4 sevens- 7Wands: Valour (Mars in Leo) (7)Cups: Debauch (Venus in Scorpio) (7)Swords: Futility (Luna in Aquarius) -
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    The book of ref-is 777!Crowley.The tarot is from Book of Thoth(but can be found,google BOT,minor arcana.


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